YAKUSHIMA-21- 5/31

At Kagoshima, I got on a sightseeing bus.





On the 31st.

This day was the day that I had to leave Yakushima.

I ate breakfast and went to buy souvenirs.
The souvenir shop was about two kilometers from the Inn.
Of course, I was thinking to go to on foot.
When I wore shoes, an old man and an old lady who are parents of the owner asked me if I wanted them to drive me there. They were polite.
I arrived early, so I waited in front of the souvenir shop.




We went back to the parking lot.
I felt it was a short trip.
I wanted to stay more and more.
This forest is comfortable and makes me fresh.

On the way back to the Inn, Ma-chan picked up a wild berry. It was a little sour but sweet.

This day was long and short.
It was one of the most memorable days in my life.


I want to talk about other animals.
A deer lives in Yakushima.
They are smaller than the deer in Nara-park.

According to Ma-chan, the deer at Ryujinsugi area doesn’t familiar with people.
That's why they don’t approach people.
The deer which lives in Jyoumonsugi area always see people and people feed them.
That’s why the Jyoumonsugi deer loves human.
It is terrible.

I saw deer several times. But when they saw us, they ran away quickly.

Monkey also lives in Yakushima.
I saw a bunch of monkeys when I went to Kuromidake.
They just looked at me. They were really cute.

These two kinds of animals are popular in Yakushima.
According to Ma-chan, there are no big animals except deer and monkey in Yakushima.


I have to write about a leech.
Only one terrible thing in this forest is a leech.

There are thousands or millions of leeches live there.
The first time we saw it was on Ma-chan’s hand.
It was about 3 centimeters.
Ma-chan tried to take it off but it was too hard to take it of.
It was like a Chinese softshell turtle.

We found them many times afterwards.

They stick on you while you haven’t realized.

There were seven leeches on my clothes.
A leech has already finished drinking my blood when I realized.
Ma-chan said it was neither painful nor itchy.
He was right.
But the blood didn’t stop.
It seems like a murder.

YAKUSHIMA-18-5/30 Ryujinsugi

We crossed the stream again.

I really worried if we couldn’t cross the stream.
The worst case is that you cannot cross the stream because of the rise of the stream.
Luckily, the stream was calmer than I thought.

After we crossed the stream, we walked slowly
and looked around the trees, the moss, and any other scenes.

Ma-chan explained a couple of things.
I could see a bud of moss. It was cute. A bunch of mosses seemed a small forest.
I felt I could see dwarfs lived there.

We stopped several times and saw the views.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures.
It was raining and the lens of camera has misted.

YAKUSHIMA-17-5/30 Ryujinsugi


Ma-chan stopped suddenly.
Then I saw very big tree.
That was Ryujinsugi.
It was amazing.
It was big, tall and mysterious.
It is only one tree which is called ‘GOD’ in Yakushima.
I think it has lived more than 1000years, but it didn’t seem it was old.
I felt the power of Ryujinsugi, and it said, “I’m not old. I have to work more and more”.

I looked up the tree. Other trees leaves surrounded the Ryujinsugi.
Those leaves seemed they protected the Ryujinsugi or they were one part of the Ryujinsugi.