You probably have a book which you want to read one more time.

You read that book when you were kids.
You have already forgotten an outline but you could image its story.
However, that book already was out of print and there is no way to read it.

My ‘that’ book is ‘回転木馬(a merry-go-round)’ written by Ooya Chiki.

I read it when I was….. an elementary school or junior high school student.
The story made me gloomy, but all of the characters were very fascinating.

I read it on a comic magazine(りぼん).
I thought it would republish afterward, but the author didn’t accept to republish because she didn’t like unhappy story.

I sometimes looked for its information.
Many her fans desired republishing it.

Of course, I voted it on FUKKANN.COM.
But the author didn’t accept..

Lately, it printed!!!
I don’t know why… but I am really happy!!
Of course, I ordered.


Chinese book

My Chinese teacher published a book.
It was written for business persons who have to speak Chinese.
Of course, I read this book.
It is good for me to review my Chinese.

She teaches Chinese, but her specialty is not teaching.
She researches how many times each Chinese word uses on any books or any newspapers, etc.

I am proud of her because she is really smart and kind.

I am really happy and lucky that I can learn from such a good teacher.


Do you know Mr. Yamagami Tatuhiko?
He used to be a very famous comic writer.
Many people have read GAKIDEKA, right?
I like his comics and I still have his several books.

Now, he doesn't write comics.
But he writes novels!!!
I have read his novels, too.
His novels were really like his comic books.
While I read his books, I could see some characters, like Abe-sensei or Saijyo-kin.
His novels were really funny.

But, this time the book which I read was completely different.
The story is about a murder.
It seems like a typical thriller.
But it is not like that.
When the story starts, any readers know who the murder is.
He has already got back from the jail.
And he has already passed away.

A daughter of the murder looks for a guy.
According to her mother, that guy helped her family a lot, because when he was in a jail, her father helped him.
She asked to a detective to find him.

The detective looks for the guy.
While he is looking for him, he finds a strange relationship between the murder and a victim..

I always think Mr. Yamagami Tatsuhiko is giftedness.
And I felt certain, this time.
I want to real his novels more…


Have you ever read ‘The Train Man’ before?
It is a very famous story and caused a major sensation.
I haven’t read it but I know the rough story line.

A dim Aykihabara boy helps a woman on a train.
He loves her but he doesn’t think she loves him.
His on line friends give him many advices, and finally they fall in love.

My image of the story is like this.

The story was translated to several languages.
But I don’t know foreign people read the story.

A few weeks ago, my Chinese teacher lent me ‘The Train Man’.
Of course, it is written in Chinese.
The teacher said that it was not so difficult for me, so I started to read it.

I read a couple of pages but it was very difficult because there are too many unknown words.
First, I looked up those words in a dictionary, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to be through with this book forever.
So now, I don't look up the dictionary, and expect the each word’s meaning by myself.
I think I will finish it sometime.


Now, I’ m reading a book about ‘Rosanjin’.
Rosanjin is one of the greatest ceramicists.
It is said that you can buy a house if you have a china bowl made by Rosanjin.

I have finished a few pages and it is very interesting.

The author is Rosanjin’s friend’s son.

He writes about his boy’s days.

He said he had used a lot of stuff made by Rosanjin.

A china bowl, a dish, a tea cup, a soy sauce bottle, a chopsticks rest, etc….



This book is very interesting because there is no one who spends a life like him around me.

Afterwards, his life would change.

I don’t know this book will go somewhere but I want to enjoy reading this book.


I read ‘Bone by Bone’ written by Carol O'Connell.
This is a mystery.
A boy disappeared in a forest one day, and 20 years later, pieces of his bone were sent to his father.
Who sent his bones, and why?
And who is a criminal?
Sherlock Holmes is his elder brother.
So, this story wrote about not only a crime but also a family love.

I am not sure this story is interesting or not.
But I think this is a hurt warming story because his brother and his house keeper love him.

Lately, I sometimes read translated stories.
I didn’t usually read them.
My mother liked translated stories, so I think I may become like my mother.

The person shines in music. -Love and classical music of the opposition=

I read a book =The person shines in music. -Love and classical music of the opposition=.

This book says that the classical music after Beethoven is classified in Brahms group and Wagner group.

I’m not clear about classical music, so I couldn’t see what the author wanted to say.
He introduces characteristics’ and lives about many musicians.
It was very interesting for me.
Someone had many lovers, someone loved only one person, or

The most interesting thing is that any classical musicians categorized ‘Brahms group’ or ‘Wagner group’, even if they didn’t want to belong to each group.

For example, a guy respected Brahms, but he belonged to Wagner group because of his way to live.
It is very interesting.

One thing I can tell you is all of them respected ‘Beethoven’.

They liked Beethoven.
They wanted to become Beethoven,
And they wanted to beyond Beethoven.

Since I read this book, I bought two classical music CDs.
They don’t bother me, so I enjoy listening.

I wasn’t interested in classical music.
I think books can change human’s life.