What do you think about the dinner?
Is it really beautiful, isn’t it??

It seemed really delicious and it was very delicious (except beef).
They used first class cooking ingredients.
The dishes made our stomach satisfied and they were pleasure to the eyes.

My favorite one was a steamed egg hotchpotch.
It was a little Chinese flavor.
All of the meals weren’t so salty and weren’t so sweet.
I mean the taste was perfect.
I think Anybody likes their flavor.

Akemi-san and Kiyomi-chan drank several jugs of beer and I drank a glass of beer and Japanese sake.
I drank ‘Azuma-en’.
It was the hotel recommendation. It was expensive but not so good….

The rice was really delicious.
Can you believe that I have eaten almost all of the dinner?

And afterwards, we drank in our room….

I understand why my weight has be getting heavier and heavier…

It is a garden of the hotel.

MONTANA-8/27-最終回 ご愛読ありがとうございました

On the airplane, I still had nothing to do. I read the book that I bought at Glacier or pretended sleeping. I looked at the pictures I took during the trip several times. And I played with the doll that Ito-chan and Mike-san gave.
During this trip, I couldn’t sleep enough and my jet lag had been continuing until the trip ended. The book is helpful for tourist. If you go to Glacier, I recommend you to buy some books just after you arrive there.

Movies started. Of course, I watched them. The first one was a comedy. The star was Robin Williams. It was kind of slapstick. When I watched it, the lady who was sitting the next next seat bothered me. She said she wanted to go to the bathroom.
The next movie was ‘Ice Age 2”. And she bothered me again. I don’t know why she always wanted to go to the toilet when I watched movies.

The flight was long. Even if I didn’t do anything, my stomach said she was hungry. I ate almost all food they prepared. I couldn’t eat a cake. I took a bite out of it, and I thought it was enough.



There were many Japanese at the airport. I felt I had already been in Japan.

I felt hungry. I remembered that Ito-chan had given me some snacks. She said they might help me when I felt hungry. I was looking for the snacks in my bag, but I couldn’t find it. I thought I had put them into my bag, but I had put them in my suitcase.

I bought a muffin and iced-tea. When I ordered iced-tea, a lady asked “mango?“ or something”. I couldn’t understand what her meaning. Iced tea is iced tea. However, I could know they have some flavors. It is rare in Japan. The muffin and iced tea were good. They were the last meal in the U.S.




8/27くまOn the 27th.

We woke up around 4:30 A.M.. Our flights would leave really early. We left the hotel soon.

That morning was very busy. At the airport, Mike-san returned the car, and Ito-chan and Mike-san checked in and left first. Their departer time was 6:45. My airplane counter, North West, had been closed, so I waited in front of the counter.
I waited for about 30 minutes, and checked in. After that, my luggage was opened at the security check counter. He was really friendly.

When I went through a body check, a man commanded me to stop, because I brought sun block and disposable body warmer in my bag. That time, people were really nervous for terrorism.




8/26ステーキIto-chan asked a good restaurant at the front desk, and we went to the downtown. I hadn’t seen a town for a while, so it was exciting.
The restaurant was crowded. We went to a bar and Mike-san had Jack Daniel's.
Our table was ready, soon. We had seats and ordered. I didn’t know what exactly I ordered. Mike-san recommended me ‘fillet steak’.

By the way, the waitresses in America have good memories. They always remember ‘Today’s special’; and 'Today’s special' isn’t only one, it always has many kinds of menus. They seem like actresses.




8/26グレーシャーWe left there and were driving. It was a long drive. When we got there, we took three days, but return journey was only one day. The return journey reminded me about this trip. The day we visited Flathead Lake was one week ago. But I felt it was a few months ago, but also I felt it was a few days ago.
We stopped at MacDonald near Flathead Lake. Ito-chan and I went to the bathroom, and Mike-san bought a coffee.
There was a fruit shop near there. They had huckleberry.
Ito-chan bought huckleberries. They were cold and acid. We heard a lot about huckleberry but it was the first time we saw it.




8/26CAFEWe stopped at the visitor center again, and I bought a book. It was the animals in Glacier. I thought I had to buy it earlier, because the book told me where the good points to see animals were.
We left Glacier National Park. I felt really sad. Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

We ate lunch at a café. Collin told us they had a good pie. They have home made pies, and their cafe seemed ‘home made’.
I ate a hot dog. It was a normal hot dog. It was enough for me. American meals are always very big.