Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I went to see a musical, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It is one of the most famous stories.

A main actor was Ishimaru Kanji.
He used to be a member of Gekidanshiki.
Several years ago, he left Shiki, and now he works as a actor and a singer on many stages.

The musical was more interesting than I expected.
Mr. Ishimaru used to be a typical matinee idol, so I was worried if he would act Hyde well or not.
However, he acted really well.
As you know, Jekyll is smart and Hyde is crazy murdered.
He had to change those two characters in a few seconds.
My image of Ishimaru is Jekyll but his Hyde was not so bad.

I have seen ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ several times, and his action was good.

I saw the musical on the third floor.
But I could enjoy enough.



I saw a musical ‘COCO’.
This story is about one of the most famous designers ‘COCO Chanel.’

After she sought asylum in Switzerland and then came back to Paris, she restarted design.
But her design was too old and Paris didn’t need COCO anymore.

This musical writes about her success, wrecking her life, and her desire.
She got lots of money but she never got a love.
This musical tells us what the most important thing in our lives.

A main actress is Ootori Ran.
She is perfect.
Have you ever seen her before?
I think she is born to be an actress, especially for stage, because my seat was the almost last line but I could see her expressions.

All actresses have good figures, so COCO’s designs fit them.
I thought if I wore this suit…

Even though, I felt I wanted to buy her suit…
Of course, I can’t buy because of its price….

Froken Julie

‘Froken Julie’ is written about two guys, Julie and Jean.
They love each other but their society classes are different. The man works at the woman’s house.
They dream their future but it is just a dream. They try to leave their home but they cannot.

This story is like that.

The main actress, Mariya Tomoko, acted … I think she is very scary. I mean she acted very well.
Julie is a little moonstruck, and Mariya Tomoko did seem Julie.
It was interesting, but unfortunately, I slept while I watched the play.
I caught a cold and I took some medicines.
Anyway, I like Mariya Tomoko. If I have a chance, I will see her again.


I went to see the musical ‘Wicked’.
I wanted to see this musical but I had no chance to go to.
This time, I got a discount ticket, so I decided going to see it.

This is the untold story behind The Wizard of Oz.
This story is a little pity because a girl is picked on by her class mates because of her skin color.
However, she finds her best friend. And the end of this story is happy.
So, after I saw this musical, I felt happy.

The main actress, I don’t know her name, sang very well.
It was very impressive.
Her song hit my mind.
Shiki has many singers but I think a good singer has his/her special ability.
And even if someone practices a lot, that guy has never crossed over the border line.
Only a few people can become the special singers.
Lately, I haven’t seen that kind of guys.
I think she is very valuable.
I want to listen to her song one more time.
I have to check out her name, anyway.


I saw ‘Guys and Dolls’.
It is a musical. I knew the title but I have never seen that musical before.
The story is a kind of ‘a boy meets a girl’.

If you want to know the story, please look at this website.

Uchi-kun who is belonged to Journey’s.
He acted ‘Sky’ who is a main cast in this musical.

My friend, Tsuru-chan, and I talked about him, and we said, “He is tall, good looking, and has long legs. Why doesn’t he seem ‘cool?’.

He is really cool but he doesn’t seem cool.
We compared with Uchi-kun and Nishikiori-kun.
Nishikiori-kun is not tall, not so good looking.
He is not young like Uchi-kun.
Everyone thinks Uchi-kun is better looking than Nishikiori-kun.
But when they danced together, Nishikiori-kun is cooler than Uchi-kun.
We said it was a miracle.
We never know the reason why.

Anyway, looking at this musical was a big fun.
It is because I didn’t feel sleepy while I saw the musical…


Have you already read ‘The Metamorphosis’ written by Franz Kafka?

I read this story when I was a junior high school student.
It was a really strange story and it was too hard to understand for a little girl.

A few months ago, this story played on a stage.
Mr. Morimoto Mirai acted Zamza who was a main character.

I wanted to see the play buy I didn’t have enough money.

Luckily, I could see the play on T.V.

I was very interested in how would Mr. Morimoto act a bug.

And his act was amazing.
I could see many legs around his body. He was just a bug….

By the way, what is your image of bug of this story?

My image is like a centipede.

There are many legs and its body is shining.

According to Wikipedia, it was said that the bug was like a beetle.
It has a hard chell.

It is not my image….
Anyway, the play is very interesting.
If NHK re-airs, you should see the program.


I went to see ‘Yotsuya Kaidan’.
Yotsuya Kaidan is the most popular Japanese horror and anybody knows this story.

My image of Yotsuya Kaidan is ‘Warau Iemon’ written by Kyogoku Ntatsuhiko.
It was a love story. I need lots of lines to explain this story, so I want to skip explaining about the story, but this story is the completely different from the original story.

The one that I went to see was storytelling.
The reader was Mr. Sasai Eisuke.
There are some instrumental and a dancer on the stage.

First of all Mr. Sasai Eisuke explained about this story. He told us the history of Yotsuya Kaidan and concept of this stage.

And then, he started reading.

Oisa-sama and Osode-sama are sisters.
One day, a guy killed their father and Osode-sama’s husband.
The guy who killed their father was Oiwa-sama’s husband, Iemon, and the guy who killed Osode-san’s husband was the guy who loved Osode-san.

A girl who loved Iemon wanted to marry him, and her father wanted to make her wish coming true.
He gave Oiwa-sama poison, and Oiwa-sama’s face became ugly.
Iemon said to Oiwa-sama he wanted a divorce, and he told a whole story.
And then he killed Oiwa-sama.

Ummm. I have no power to explain anymore.

Anyway, afterwards, Oiwa-sama still showed herself after she died.
She appeared several times in front of Iemon.
It was the most popular scene of Yotsuya Kaidan.

Before I saw this stage, I was worried if I couldn’t sleep at night.
But there was no problem about it.
It was a really pity story.
My favorite scene was the one which Osode-san thought about Oiwa-sama.
She found Oiwa-sama’s comb, and she thought about Oiwa-sama.
They weren’t the real sisters; there was no relationship between them; but Osode-sama always felt grateful Oiwa-sama.
So, when she found her comb, she was really worried about her.
I thought a sister was a very valuable person.

Mr. Sasai Eisuke acted really well.
He was set to play many characters, and his work was excellent.
I felt like I could see Oiwa-sama, Iemon and all of scenes.

I am happy because I could see the good stage.