RAINBOW-MAN started. RAINBOW-MAN is the name of a super hero like Super Man. But he isn’t popular as MASKED RIDER.
When it started first time, I was little, so I don’t remember clearly.
The hero of the story trained on a deep of mountain in India and got super power. He can change 7 kinds of heroes. Each hero has the same name week and they have different power. He normally changes Sunday. But I wanted him to change Tuesday or Wednesday. Saturday is creepy. It doesn’t seem a super hero.

I have seven plushines of RAINBOW-MAN and I showed them to my friend.
She talked about it to her friend. He is a bit older than us, so he remembered about RAINBOW-MAN well.
He told us that the name of evil was ‘. If I translate ‘SHINE-SHINE-DAN’ directly, it means ‘KILL-KILL-FAMILY’.
Wow! It is such a stereotypical name. We were laughing a lot at it.

RAINBOW-MAN started to repeat while I haven’t known. I have to see it with my friends and talk about ‘SHINE-SHINE-DAN’


We went to Suiren-ike pond close to Kurondo-ike pond. When we visited Kisaichi last time, we had lunch there.
We went down the mountain and went up along a golf course. When we walked, a ball flew and hit a branch. It was a hiking road but very dangerous.
We arrived at Suiren-ike pond around 12:30. There were some tables for eating.
We brought our own lunch boxes. Mine was Onigiri-bentou. I only brought the lunch box, but other guys brought lots of things. Eriko brought Pudding, doughnuts and corn-snack. Kiyomi brought chocolates. Yama-chan brought some foods for beer.
They started drinking. Nobody drank around us. Yama-chan gave me a small bottle of ume liqueur. Eriko complained about her co-workers. Her co-workers were our ex-co-workers, so we could understand what she wanted to say.
Totally, Yama-chan drank 3 cans of beer. Eriko drank one can of beer and 2 cans of chu-high. Kiyomi drank only 2 cans of beer. I knew we wanted to drink more but she saved drinking because she had to go to a toilet frequently.
After we ate, drank and complained a lot, we went back to the station. We had coffee near the station and went home.

I didn’t think I was tired. But I slept a lot. I felt I would be healthy.


A slope to the bridge was steep. I didn’t get tired but all my friends did. I know the reason. They brought lots of beer. Yama-chan brought six cans of beer, Kiyomi brought three cans of beer and Eriko brought three cans of Chu-high. I always care about I don’t bring heavy things when I go on a hiking. I cannot understand why they brought much beer.

We arrived at the bridge soon. The red leaves were very beautiful. We crossed the bridge. The bridge was located very high place but we didn’t feel scared, because it was very strong. A dog crossed it, too. It shook and stopped on the bridge. It was really cute.

The bridge was that day’s goal. We planned to have a lunch around there but it was very early for lunch, so we decided to go to another place.


I went on a hiking with Yama-chan, Eriko and Kioymi to Kisaichi.
It is a red leaves season, so many people visited there.
Yama-chan lives close to Kisaichi, so he was a guide.

First, we went to Hoshino-buranko. It is a long suspension bridge. According to Yama-chan, it is the third-longest suspension bridge in Japan.
Distance from Kisaichi station was hard. We took a rest at a cottage.
A man tried a rock climbing near the cottage. He climbed very fast. I guessed he was professional. But I was scared seeing it. If he fell down, he will die.

To be continued


I wanted to eat TAIYAKI, BASHO-SENBEI, KATAYAKI-SENBEI, KARUME-YAKI and other things but we had to go to café, so I didn’t.
We left the festival and went to the café. It was the café we complained a lot last time. When we had been there before, Yoshiko couldn’t have coffee. Tea was terrible. But cakes were delicious and inexpensive.
This time, we complained again. When we went there, some people were waiting. We were the sixth group. We had to wait over thirty minutes. Yoshiko got a little angry. Of course, we decided to wait, so it was OK if we had to wait. But their works were too slow. Why do they need for over 10 minutes to pour coffee? Why do they need over 10 minutes to ready the tables? I’m sure if they work harder, the waiting line moves smoothly.
Tea was terrible again. It was very bitter. I thought if they gave me a tea bag, I would be able to pour tea better.
But cake was really good. We had a persimmon cake.
I want to know why their tea is terrible; the cakes are great, though.



After we visited the shrine, we looked around nightstands. There were many nightstands along a street.
When I was a child, I often went to see nightstands. I played some games; a goldfish scooping, ring goal, pinball and other games.
Some office worker played those games. Because they wore a suit and did scooping goldfish, I saw it oddly.
Many people played the goldfish scooping but the other games weren’t popular.
The clerks at those stands seemed very bored.

To be continued


I went to Shinnou-san festival with Yoshiko. As I’ve already explained, Shinnou-san is God of medicine.
First, we visited the shrine. It was very crowded and we had to line up. Many Japanese lanterns were hanged up. We checked the name written on the lanterns. We could see many names of pharmacies. I threw 40 yen into an offering box. I prayed something but I forgot what I had prayed.

To be continued


MAZINGER-Z is a very famous animation. Kabuto Kouji steers a big robot, MAZINGER-Z. This animation made a robot animation era.



I saw AKIE-chan. AKIE-chan is a star actress in Yoshimoto. She is always said she is ugly and oily. If she is an office clerk, she has to be angry. But in Yoshimoto, they are compliments.



Are you interested in BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU?
I’m not. But I drank it a few days ago.



It is a little cold and many people have a cold in this season.
I always care about my health and keep warm. I sometimes feel I will have a cold. At that time, I sleep well and gargle with water. Even though I do that, I will still have a cold once or twice a year.

Inside of the train is terrible. Many people have a cough but they don’t wear masks. Why don’t they wear? Don’t they know they may infect us? Why must I wear a mask in spite of what do not catch cold?

I don’t know. But I wear the mask for myself.


I love chicken, especially fried chicken. Last week, I ate chicken four times. I can eat chicken everyday.
A new shop will open within a few weeks on my way home. That shop sells fried chicken. Can you understand how happy I am? I can eat fried chicken everyday!!
Of course, I don’t eat everyday but I think I will eat it once a week.

By the way, the place that the shop opens isn’t good. Some shops opened there but closed soon. I hope the new shop will do well and give me a good service.


Kiyomi and I saw the Karaoke festival. Our friend’s Akemi sang. She has been learning Karaoke for over 10 years.



I don’t usually watch TV dramas but I watch one program sometimes. The story is about a family.



I always look for restaurants. My department has a party every month and I have to prepare the party because I am the youngest in my department.



I have read The Three Musketeers. My mother really liked this story and she recommended reading it several times, but I am not good at reading novels in translation, so I didn’t read it. A few months ago, I didn’t know why but I felt I might read it. I had already had the books because my mom lent me them.


The Sting

Do you know ‘The STING’? It is the title of a movie Paul Newman and Robert Redford acted in. They are blacklegs and get money by a fake horse race.



I met Hat-Chan. Hat-Chan is the most famous cat in Japan. I skip to introduce him. If you want to know about him, please read 「はっちゃん日記」.<



My co-worker said everybody who came to the head office would have a ‘the head office disease’. And he said I would get it soon.



I bought a book about Adelaide.

Adelaide is the city I want to live in when I retire.

I visited there about 10 years ago.



I saw Mr.H at the laboratory. He presented his recent research.
I thought he was intelligent because his research was great.
I thought he wasn’t Japanese. He couldn’t speak Japanese fluently.



From 8:00A.M. in the morning, I can go into my office. But before that time, we can’t because the door is locked. I always arrive at my office around 7:50A.M., so a guard opens the door for me. Sometimes the guard isn’t there. I have to wait until someone opens the door. Many employees know the password. If you push the password, the door opens.
I wanted to know the password, but I don’t think it is good thing that many people know the password. If many people know the password, the password will not be the password.
Finally, I knew the password this morning. A cleaning woman told me the password.
I think the company has to change the password sometimes.