8・22WASABIWe went back to North Forty Resort, took a shower and went for dinner.
We ate SUSHI because Cameron recommended the Sushi restaurant, WASABI. I didn’t think I could eat Japanese food in the U.S., so I felt happy.

Before we went to WASABI, we went to a Mexican restaurant but they didn’t have beer, so we didn’t go there and chose WASABI.

WASABI was a very modern restaurant. It didn’t seem Sushi restaurant. There was a counter like Japanese Sushi restaurant, but we took a table. It was very crowded, so we had to wait for a while. It seemed strange for me; because Sushi is always for tourists who visit Japan in my image. But Japanese food was very popular than I thought.



8/22かわIt was the time to say good-bye. We spent for over 4 hours but we couldn’t catch any fish. 4-hour seemed long but it was really short. Even if we didn’t catch fish, we could really enjoy fishing. And I also enjoyed looking at the beautiful views and clear water. As I said several times, Montana is a really beautiful place.

We thought we had to drive Cameron to the place where Cameron’s track was parked, but someone drove his track to the point where we were. We left there soon, so we couldn’t say to Cameron “Thank you".



8/22DOGA man played with his dogs at the river. I thought he was lucky, because he could live in such a beautiful place and spend good days. There is no place to play with your pets in a town in Japan. But those places are very important for us and for our pets.

I wasn’t a good fisher, but Mike-san and Ito-chan either. Our lines sometimes tangled. Cameron took care of us each time. I think he is patient. He always looked at us and gave us an advice. We were really obedient; we never acted against from him. Cameron had many flies. Some of them were cute, and some of them were ugly. The flies are very important for fly fishing because the fly have to attract to fish. I think making flies is a lot of fun for fishers.



8/22つり4Before I did that, I couldn’t understand why fish eat a fake fly. But now, I can image fish’s feeling. When I fished, I felt I was a real fly. If I think “that is a fake fly”, fish won’t eat it. A fake fly floats as a real fly. And fish misunderstands that it is a real fly.

The fishing was fun. But it was heard. I had to cast several times. Only two people could fish on the boat, so Ito-chan and I took turns.
I was not a good fisher. I could catch Cameron, Mike and Ito-chan, but I couldn’t catch fish.
Fish sometimes nibbled my fly, but it didn’t bite it. I have to know not only the feelings of fly but also the feelings of fish.



8/22つり3We arrived at a fishing spot. We got off the track. The guide, who name was Cameron, drove his track again. He reversed the track. He drove very well. A road was narrow and his track was long because the track pulled a boat.
He floated a boat. I wanted to help him but I couldn’t do anything. I only looked at him.




8/22つり2Fisrt, we went to a fishing shop, LAKESTREAM. People at the shop seemed they really liked fishing. I thought I wanted to bring my friend who loves fishing more than his family there.
We had to register our name for fishing. I had to tell my weight, height, the date of birth, the color of eyes and hair and so on. Ito-chan said that my eyes were brown. I was surprised because Japanese eyes were always black.




8/22つり1We went back to the town and went for fishing. Have you ever been fishing before? I did a couple of times, but I didn’t think they were "fishing". I did it at a school pool. During wintertime, my school had fish in the pool. My school lent us a fishing rod made of bamboo, it was very cheap, and I did fishing. The pool in the summer was fine, but the pool in the winter was dark. I couldn’t see the bottom of the pool and fish seemed like piranha. I didn’t like fishing.



8/22馬車1We got on a carriage. It was a service for tourists. The carriage ran around that area. Two hoses pulled the carriage. They were cute and gentle. They didn’t seem like a hose of hose race. They had thick legs and weren’t tall. Their eyes were hidden from outside, so they could see only their front. They hung up a bag under their vent. It was for their poops. I thought it was a good idea. All of doves in Japan have to wear that bag.
I had never gotten on a carriage, so I was happy. But when I looked at the buttocks of horses, I felt I was sorry. They seemed very tired. I didn’t look at a view; I only looked at the buttocks of the horses.




8/22木馬After we looked around there, we went back to the parking area. When we went up, we got on a gondola; but when we went down, we sat down on a lift. The life was for four persons. Mike-san and Ito-chan sat down on the same side, so I was afraid of a bad balance. I could see a beautiful view from the lift.



8/22HUCKLEBERRYBy the way, what is a huckleberry? Of course, it is the name of the berry. But I didn’t know there was a berry named huckleberry. I thought Huckleberry was only in a novel.
It seems like a blueberry but huckleberries aren’t cultivated. The huckleberry that you can see is only wild. I couldn’t see the wild huckleberry in Montana. I think it is really rare to see it. I guess many animals love huckleberry. If I were a wild animal, I’m sure I would eat huckleberries.



8/22くまThere were some trails on the mountain. We didn’t have enough time, so we walked a little. It wasn’t a flower season but we could see some flowers. Leaves and flower pedals of alpine plants were thin. I want to visit there in the best season and to see many flowers.

We visited a visitor center. I saw some footprints of animals. Grizzly bear’s one was huge. Its size was the same as my head size. I thought that even if I didn’t see a grizzly bear, I would want to see footprints. There were some stuffed animals there. I imagined the day that I would see those animals. I was excited. I would see those animals soon.
I bought 5 chapstick. They were huckleberry-chapstick and they seemed good souvenirs for my friends. They were small, not heavy and inexpensive. They were only sold around that area.



8/22まっすぐな道On the 22nd.
When I woke up, Ito-chan had already done laundry. Thank you, Ito-chan.
That day’s plans were getting on a gondola and fishing.

We drove to Big Mountain. During the wintertime, you can ski there.
Before we got there, we lost our way. Driving the first road is very difficult.
We arrived at Big Mountain. It reminded me about skiing in Shinshuu. That area around the gondola seemed similar to Shinshuu. I felt that I wanted to ski.
We got on the gondola and reached on the mountain summit. The view from the gondola was very nice. I could see the long straight road. I can’t see such a long road in Japan. America is very big.




8/21BEERWe took a shower and went to eat dinner afterwards. I didn’t feel hungry but I had to eat something.

We went to the downtown and looked at menus of some restaurants. We chose one of restaurants and went into there. The inside of the restaurant was a little dark. I don’t like dark places because I feel sleepy.
I ordered “Chicken Tortilla Soup”. The volume of soup was enough for me.
I thought they would serve only a soup, but they brought soup and bread. I thought American restaurants were generous. Ito-chan and Mike-san drank beer. They looked really happy. Ito-chan ate pizza. She left two pieces and we would eat them two days later.

We stopped at the convenience store afterwards. We bought some bread for the next morning. Ito-chan went to a bathroom as usual. She has the weakest bladder in the world.

We went back to our room and fell asleep.



THE NORTH FORTYWe arrived at North Forty Resort. We would stay there for two days. They have some log houses and we rented one of them. There were many trees and lawns around the log house. It seemed like one scene of a film.
When we arrived there, it wasn’t dark. The sun set time was late around that area. It was still bright around 7:30P.M.
We took a hot tab again. It was a little cold, so we had to be in a hot tab for long time. There was the hot tab on the outside, so we could see trees and listened to sounds of winds, animals and birds. It was comfortable.



CHERRYWe moved to a hotel we would stay that night. We drove along the lake. I thought again that the lake was huge.

Ito-chan asked if I wanted to pick up cherries. Of course, I said, “It sounds like fun.”. There were many cherry trees along the road. We stopped at the one of stores. The signboard said we could pick up cherries. When we went there, it was too late. A woman said we had to pick up 20 ponds if we wanted to do. Of course, we couldn’t. We just bought cherries. They were very cheap. The cherries were big, sweet, fresh, juicy and delicious. I thought if I left the next day, I should buy cherries and a smoked salmon.



舟とあたしWhen I saw a map, the wild horse island wasn’t far. But the island was too far. The lake was too big than I thought. The lake that I had seen in that morning was the only one part of the lake. The lake was like the ocean. I couldn’t see a shore from the boat.
We could see many bird’s nests and birds. They seemed eagles. They always made their nests on dead trees. They were big and cool.

We arrived at the island. As I said, we couldn’t go on the island, so we just looked at it from the boat. I was surprised because there were many houses on the island. I had thought building houses was illegal. I wanted to know why we couldn’t go on the island. People on the island seemed animals in a zoo.




鷹(波止場)In the afternoon, we went to see animals.
There was Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake. I heard there were a lot of wild animals on the island.
We had two options. One was the boat from our hotel, and the other one was the boat from the opposite side of the lake and it was a private tour. We thought we would be able to be on the wild horse island, but we couldn’t. If you want to go on the island, you need some kinds of permission.

We decided to take the boat from our hotel. The captain Bill was talkative. He had been talking during a whole trip. He explained lots of things but I couldn’t understand what he said.



ダムの下の川We went back to the car, drove the car again and went to the riverside under the dam. The water flowed from the dam. The water was clear and cold. Why do people want to touch water if they see clear water?
It was a hot day, so I wanted to go into the water. The clear water attracted me. But I didn’t do that, because one of my teachers said my legs would get tired if I put my legs into the cold water.
We could see lots of small fish. The water I saw in Montana was always clear.
It was cool and crisp.



a damI went to a dam. The road to the dam was very rough, but our car was 4WD, so there was no problem. I didn’t think anyone visited the dam, but some people visited there.
The water was very clear.

We got off the car. We could see the dam far away. We walked down steps made of woods. The number of steppes was too many. I thought that going down was easy but going up would be really tough. In the middle of a way, Mike-san realized that he forgot locking the car, so he had to go back to the car.

The dam was really big and the water was blue. The height of the dam was higher than Niagara Falls.
There was no wind, so there was no wave and the surface of the water seemed like a jelly.

Ito-chan and I talked about our dreams.
Ito-chan and I sometimes have dreams that we are in a dam. I jump down from the edge of a dam. Of course, I'm not injured. It is a dream.



町並みOn the 21st.

We went to eat breakfast.

That town was beautiful. There was no dust on a road and were a lot of plants along the road.
Look at today’s picture. This is my image of America. The streets are wide and the sky is blue. There is nothing beyond the road. When I showed my father this picture, he said the same thing.




ハックルベリーアイスI had a huckleberry ice cream for dessert. Mike-san and I wanted to eat an ice cream that the other customers had, but that ice cream had been sold out.
The huckleberry ice cream was sweet and good taste, but it was very big. I couldn’t eat all of them. We thought it was better to share one ice cream.

After we had the dinner, Ito-chan and Mike-san wanted to go to a bar, but I don’t drink and I wanted to go sleep, so we didn’t go to the bar.
I tried sleeping, but I couldn’t. I still had jet lag.



バッファローバーガーWe had dinner at the hotel. We could see a nice view from the window. It was a twilight hour and the surface of lake twinkled.
We had dinner at the hotel. Ito-chan recommended me to have a buffalo burger.
Many Japanese say that eating those kinds of stuff is creepy. But I always try to have local foods (except insects). I have eaten a pigeon, a kangaroo, a catfish and other foods.
The buffalo includes much lean meat. The taste wasn’t bad but I could smell like animals. It reminded me about the buffalos that I saw. I am sometimes very cruel. Just after I say “They are cute”, I say “ This meal is delicious”.



Fladhead lakeWe moved toward the hotel we would stay. The hotel was located on the shore. Flathead Lake seemed very big. But the lake I saw was only one part of the lake. I would know it afterwards.
The water was clear.

After we arrived at the hotel, we walked along the lake side. The water was clear. I could see the bottom of the lake and lots of fish. The view was nice but a lot of bugs were annoying us. The shore reminded me about “Jaws”. Of course, there wasn’t a shark in the lake.




バイソンのうんちWe also could see a bunch of bison. It was spectacular. I felt as if I was watching T.V.. Of course, it wasn’t a T.V. program. It was real.

We walked two trails. There were a lot of bison’s poops on the trails. They dried up. They weren’t smelled. I wondered that there was no fly. Those poops were very big. We saw the bison far away. Why do the bison move to the trails and void their bowels?
Even if there were a lot of poops on the trails, walking made us refreshing.

We could see big horn sheep, deer and birds. The deer had long ears. I thought they were different kind of deer from deer in Nara. 4-hour drive was very short. Because I could see lots of bison than I thought, I felt satisfied.

After that, we stopped at the visitor center again and left National Bison Range.



BISONWe moved to National Bison Range. I expected it was like a park, but it was just a hill. You can see wild bisons there. First, we went to a visitor center. There were a lot of stuffed animals there. I was excited because I would be able to see wild bison soon. Ito-chan bought a ticket. It was only 4 dollars per a car.

The road was very dusty and rough. Mike-san drove slowly and we looked around carefully. There were a lot of bison there. I had never seen wild bison before, so I was excited. We could see the bisons close. They weren’t cute and were dusty. And they were big! I was afraid; because I pictured that the bison attacked us. Of course, they didn’t attack us. They were only eating and sleeping.



BillWe also bought a buffalo jerky and a smoked salmon at a truck store. A man, his name is Tom, sold those kinds of things in his own truck.

You can see the same scene in Japan. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and sea food.
But I’m not sure if the Tom’s store sells enough or not. I mean the Tom’s store was in a rural area and I couldn’t see any customers except us.
But I also know he can move wherever he wants. Because it is the truck.

We tasted a piece of smoked salmon. It was good. I thought if I left the U.S., I would definitely buy the salmon.



HUMMINGBIRDOn the 20th, we woke up around 9 o’clock. We had breakfast at the hotel. Mike-san taught me how to make a waffle. You can bake a waffle yourselves. It was very easy and the taste was the same as waffles I usually eat. The waffle didn't seem big but it was enough for breakfast.

We left the hotel and went to National Bison Range.
It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and the atmosphere was fresh.
Before we got there, we stopped at a souvenir shop. It was a typical American shop in my image. Ito-chan bought me black candies called licorice there. Licorice is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. It was like a jelly and toothpaste.
Ito-chan bought huckleberry juice and soda. They seemed sweet.
Huckleberry is the local product in this area. We would eat many huckleberry sweets afterwards.







スーパーマンアイス1When I arrived at Missoula, it was dark. My sister, Ito-chan, and her husband, Mike-san were waiting there.
My baggage wasn't carried outside soon, so we had to wait about 30 minutes. It was a midnight flight and there was no airplane except mine. I wanted to know why they needed such a long time.
Ito-chan booked a hotel close to the airport. Before we went to the hotel, we stopped at a convenience store and bought ice creams. Mine was Super Man candy. It was colorful and grotesque. I took a shower and slept.