Dangerous food

Last night when I tuned on the T.V., I saw many names of foods. They seemed ‘frozen food’. I wanted to know what happened, but the news showed me only the names.



What a terrible restaurant!!!!

My co-worker, Sho-chan, will retire this month and we had the farewell party last Thursday.…

The party was terrible…



I took Shochu-bath last night.

My sister, Ito-chan, bought a bottle of shochu a few days ago. (She loves shochu!!!)
She drank it a little but she felt it was a bad taste.
She gave me the shochu to use bath. I tried it last night.

First, I poured half of bottle. The water became a good smell.
But a few minutes later, the smell went somewhere.

I added the shochu little by little. And finally, I poured a bottle of shochu.

I soaked in the bathtub for over 15 minutes, but I didn’t feel special. The water was the same as usual.

But after the bath time, I felt really hot. I think my skin drank a lot of alcohol.

I didn’t need a heater last night. Shochu-bath is good for global warming countermeasure.

Shoch-bath is really comfortable. If you can get very cheap shochu, you should try it.


My computer is set in the kitchen. There is no heater in the kitchen, so I don’t want to use the computer in winter. It’s too cold even if I wear layered clothes.


Discovery, the taste of Kieihan Line

I went to Keihan Department Store as usual.
Now, it has invited many food stores which located along the Keihan Line.
As you know, I really like this kind of fair.
I looked at a fryer several times and felt happy. I imagined that I was eating these foods.




I went to antique fair at Hanshin Department Store.
I wanted to buy something, but I knew I couldn’t buy anything.
It was boring. If I had enough money, looking for antiques might be really exciting…

I could see cameo, accessories, dolls, ceramics, and so on.
I wanted to buy some goods, but I said to myself I shouldn’t buy anything.

One booth sold Asian antiques. I was interested in a jewel case.
It was made of wood and covered by lacquer. It was mother-of pearl inlay. It was beautiful.
The price card said it was 25000yen, but the shop clerk said it was 15000yen.
I didn’t think it was expensive, but there is no space in my room.

I have to buy a jewel before I buy the jewel box anyway.


Yattaman(ヤッターマン)started today.
Yattaman is an animation. I watched it when I was a kid. But I didn’t like Tatsunoko Production which was producing Yattaman, so I haven’t watched it too much.

Yattaman is sort of comedy. Three evil characters were really charming.

I watched it today. And I was very surprised. The designer of robot is Ohkochi Kunio. He is very famous of Gundam. I didn’t know the designer is the same parson.
That’s why the robots in this story are cool!!!

By the way, the story was boring. I changed the channel soon.
I hope many kids like Yattaman, anyway.

さんま と マヨネーズ

I bought Samma-no-hiraki at a supermarket.
Samma is fish. Hiraki is the fish that cut and opened the stomach and dried.

The supermarket sold it for 298yen per four Sammma.

I wrapped three Samma and put them into the freezer.

I grilled the rest.
I looked at the package and it said you could eat it with radish, soy sauce or mayonnaise.


I’ve never heard eating Samma and mayonnaise together before?
Is it rally good???

I tried it anyway.

It was better than I thought!!!!

If you don’t have radish when you eat Samma, it is worth to trying!!!

I LOVE 辛子明太子

I ordered Karashi-Mentaiko. It is cod roe which is soaked in a red pepper. It is really hot and delicious. I can eat rice limitlessly.




I drink CALPIS every night. I always make hot CALPIS.
I think hot CALPIS is gentle for my stomach.

Last time when I went to buy CALPIS, I found ‘Diet CALPIS’. It said it was the same taste and low calorie. The price was the same as the normal one, so I bought it.

Now, I am drinking it every night. Its taste isn’t the same as normal one. Its taste is like something chemical.
I want to spend it fast, but the bad taste drink doesn’t reduce soon.
I don’t want to drink it, so I buy other drink. It means it helps not to reduce the bad taste CALPIS.
I decided that I would never buy the Diet CALPIS.
If you want it, I’ll give you.


One part of float broke down.
This accident happened in Tokyo Disneyland.

According to Asahi News Paper, the accident happened while a parade.
A long pole snapped off and fell down.
Luckily, there was no injured person.
Tokyo Oriental Land said, this kind of accident was the first one since the Disneyland opened.
I think if it occurred frequently, it would be a big problem.

I go to Disneyland every year, and the parade is my biggest enjoyment.
Disneyland had a small fire a few weeks ago.
Disneyland must consider our safe one more time.


Have you ever frozen an egg??
I have never done it before, because I thought I couldn’t freeze eggs.

But I heard that some food makers keep eggs in a freezer, so I tried it.

I put an egg in a freezer for one night.
Afterwards I kept it in a fridge about 10 hours.

Last night, I cracked the eggshell. It has already been broken.
The egg white seemed normal, but the yolk became hard. I pushed the yolk, but it didn’t break.

I wanted to eat it, so I cooked it by a microwave.
Its taste wasn’t bad. The yolk was like a half-boiled egg.

The experiment was fail. But I want to try one more time.


A few weeks ago, I went to Asahiya Book Store. I looked around there and I found a book of Masked Rider Denou(仮面ライダー電王).
Some of Denou books were published and one of them was exciting for me. I wanted to buy it but it was expensive, I think it was 1500yen or 1900yen, so I didn’t buy it.




What did you do while the winter holidays?
I went back to my father’s house and read books until January 3rd.




The year of 2008 started. One year is really short.

I went to a shrine with my father. There is a small shrine near my father’s house. I really love this shrine.
1. It’s not crowded.
2. A good-luck charm is only 300yen.
3. I can drink Sake for free.
What a nice shrine it is!!!

This morning, I drank a lot… And afterwards, I drank at shrine.
I don’t know why, but Sake makes me happy…

At the shrine, I prayed my father’s health. I sometimes feel I dislike him, but I sometimes feel I love him. My feeling is always complex.

Anyway, I hope this year will be a good year.