Last weekend, one of my neighbors passed away.
He was 80 or 90 years old.

When I came back from my office, I sometimes met him.
He always said, “Hello(おかえりなさい)”.

In summer evenings, he always sat on a bench and used a fan.
He was my image of Japanese old man.

Last Saturday, when I came back from my father’s house, I saw an ambulance.
Afterwards, I saw a lady who was standing at the front of the old man’s house.
She said the old man fell down while he was going for a walk with the dog.

A few days later, I met his wife. She said he had passed away.

This morning, I saw his dog. I don’t know the dog’s name, but I call him John.

John was barking.
And then, he stared at me.
I thought he wanted me to play with him.
I petted him for a while. He seemed really happy.
I think his wife is already old and can’t play with John enough.

John was really dirty.
Nobody brush him.
I felt really sad this morning.



The Nagai Go Museum was built in Wajima.

Nagai Go is one of the most famous comic writers in Japan.
I am a big fan.

Comic writers’ museums are really popular.
Tezuka Osamu, Matsumoto Reiji, Ishi(no)mori Shotaro, Mizuki Shigeru, etc.
Some of them were built in country sides. I think it is kinds of economic development.

I want to go to. But Wajima is a little far from my home town…

Lately, New Mazinger Z started. I think this year is the Nagai Go Year.
I have to make a chance by myself and go to the Nagai Go Museum!!







Before seeing Rokudo-Rinne, Yoshiko and I had lunch at Hyatt Regency Kyoto.
Yoshiko knew a special price lunch.

It is an easygoing hotel. It is a foreign-based hotel, but you can feel Kyoto taste.

The restaurant is also easygoing.

Appetizers and desserts are all-you-can-possibly-eat. It is really a dangerous system.

They have

Sausage-Onion Omulette, Steamed Spinach, Roasted Vine Tomato, Fried Plotatoes

Grilled Kyoto Hiyoshi Pork, Sausage, Braised Du Puy Lentils, Petit Onion, Sage Sauce

Sauteed Daisen Chicken Leg, Garlic Pomme Puree, Braised Brussels Sprouts, Red Wine Vinegar Sauce

Today’s Pan-Fried Fish, Barley Risotto, Lettuce, Safflon Sauce

Steak Frites-Char Grilled New Zealand Rib Eye, Café de Paris Butter, Hand Cut Fried Potatoes

It was really hard to choose only one.
Finally, I decided to eat Omulette.
But I also wanted to eat chicken. Next time, I should eat it.

All dishes were rally tasty.
But if I have to choose only one favorite food, I will choose bread.
The outside of bread is really crispy. I wanted to take it out.

The lunch isn’t too expensive, if you are a lady.
Let’s go there on Saturdays.
Their Saturday lunch for ladies is special price!!


I went to see a play ‘ROKUDOU RINNE(Six realms)’.

Rokudou means that six world, ‘Sanskrit’, ‘Human’, ‘Ashura’, ‘Animal’, ‘Pleta’, and ‘Naraka’.

This story is about a wheel of Mandala from Buddhism.

I’m not interested in this type of story, but one thing what I wanted to see was that the play has been held at a temple.
This project sounded like really exciting.

The temple is located about 15 minutes from the center of Kyoto.
The temple was really moden than I thought.
I thought I had to sit on a Zabuton, but they had seats. It was the same as theaters.

The story was a little cheesy.
Some people wonder into the six world and meet some people who live in these world.

Yoshiko said it was like a Kamen-raider show.
I agree.

They used the main hole as a set. So, last part, the actors and actresses prayed to the image of Buddha.

I don’t think it was a good play. However, I haven’t slept while watching.
I think this project overall was a success.


I took a Chinese lesson last night.
Lately, a Chinese lesson is really tough. I have to remember many vocabularies and expression. However, I can talk to my teacher without Japanese recently. It is the big progress.

My teachers recommended me to take 'the Society for Testing Chinese Proficiency'.
I think if they gather many test-takers, they can get extra money.
They gave me question sheets. I tried to answer them, but they were really tough for me.

Then, I realized that there was no reason which I had to take this kind of test because studying Chinese is just my hobby.


Last lesson of the manner class was the way of hanging a scroll picture(掛け軸).
First of all, we learned names of the parts of a scroll picture.
And then, we learned the way to go into a room, the way of unlacing, the way to open a scroll picture, the way of hanging up a scroll picture, the way of taking off a scroll picture, and the way of rolling up scroll picture.

I have never known that there is a process of hanging a scroll picture.

Afterwards, we learned the way of looking at a scroll picture.

My teacher teaches me a lot of things.
Unfortunately, I have no chance of practice.







Last weekend, Yoshiko, Nori-chan and I went to a Turkish restaurant because April 20th is Nori-chan’s birthday.
However, a Turkish restaurant is my choice. I asked Nori-chan where she wanted to go to, and her answer was ‘No’.
I always pass through the Turkish restaurant and I always think I want to go there someday, so I decided to go there.

The restaurant’s atmosphere wasn’t like Turkey. It has a little Asian taste but I didn’t feel I was in a foreign country.

They have a course menu but we ordered the ones which we just wanted to eat.
Those foods were not spicier than I thought.
My favorite one is a salad made with youghurt and a cucumber. I felt I became healthy.

Another favorite one is Turkish rice. It is also really tasty.

We saw a belly dance. A dancer was really cute.
I could see it for free. However, the show was high quality. I think it was a better performance than the dance when I saw in Egypt.

I like this kind of food. But I cannot still understand why a Turkish food is one of the big three foods in the world.



A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a new iron because my old one went somewhere.
Afterwards, I found an old one. However, it wasn’t a steam iron. I thought it was a good chance to buy a new one.

I went to the Yodobashi Camera as usual.
There were many irons in the store. I didn’t know which one was a good one, so I asked a clerk.
She was a new clerk, but very polite. Her explanation was really clear. She said T-fall one was the best.
Luckily, they had a display clearance iron. Of course, it was cheaper, so I decided to buy it.

It works really well.
I have thought I wasn’t good at ironing, but I thought one reason which I couldn’t iron well was my old poor iron.

It is a season of putting winter closes in order.
My new iron will work really hard, I think.


When you were kids, did you like to go to a clinic?


Many kids don’t like to go to a clinic.
Atmosphere of a clinic is something special.
Even it is clean.

Shimazu announced their new product.
It is an X-lay machine for kids.
The size is smaller than a normal size.
But the biggest sales point is that the characters of POKEMON are printed on the machine.

It is cute, isn’t it???

If kids find this machine in a clinic, they will probably like a clinic.

Of course, if the doctor seems stern, kids will never like to go to a clinic…



Since I moved to the new section, I have been cleaning up my office.
I threw away a lot of stuff, and I found a lot of stuff.

For example, I found an emergency bag.
There are a radio, a light, a bottle of water, etc in the bag.
I told about it to my co-workers, but all of them didn’t know about an emergency bag.

I also found many bags. I think they were samples. The department section bought them as promotional goods.

I got two ballpoint pens.
A price of them is about 3000yen.
They seem really expensive.
Of course, they are mine.
Because I found them, and nobody knows I found such good ballpoint pens.


Last Thursday, my ex-co-workers had held the Farewell and Welcome party at Greece restaurant.
I think Swimmer chose this restaurant because we really like this type of restaurant.

What is your image of Greece food?
I have no image.

I heard that a pita was really popular, but I don’t know where the pita is from.

All foods were a little salty and sour.
I don’t want to say like this, but I don’t think I like Greece food.
Of course, it is not so bad, but it is not so delicious.

Anyway, these foods seem beautiful?
Please enjoy on your eyes.










What is your favorite fish?
My favorite fish is Samma.
Samma is a very popular fish in Japan.
The season of samma is autumn, but lately we can eat it anytime.

Samma is very tasty and cheap. That’s why I love samma.
Now we can buy many processed samma.
Raw samma is the best, but processed samma is also really good.

So, I buy processed samma often.
The freezer is full of samma.
A samma cut open and dried, a samma dried whole, a dried mirin-seasoned samma.
I think I have to eat samma everyday.

A few days ago, I bought samma again….

I think I have to eat samma three times a day.


A couple days ago, one of my friends mailed me.
She said she would move to Sendai because her boyfriend transferred to Sendai.

I thought it was good news. I mailed her to say congratulations.

Afterwards she responded my mail, and she said her boyfriend was one of my co-workers.

She is my ex-co-worker. So, when she worked at our company, she met her boyfriend.


Of course, I knew her boyfriend.
A few days ago, Swimmer and I talked about him and we said he was a guy who was past praying for…

I don’t know why she loves him.
But there are many many men in Japan.
She is really cute and her character is a really good. I really like her.

I want to try her not to marry him. But she loves him. I can’t…
I am really sad.

I wish she reconsiders their marriage.


My phone number of my office is the main number of my company.
It means if you call my company, I will receive your call.

Now I receive many many phone calls.
Almost all of them are sales.
It is not too hard to receive them, but I can not do anything because of many calls.

A couple days ago, I received a hoax call.
A man said that he was almost 70 years old and he needed something made him powerful.
Afterwards, he said erotic things.
Of course, my answer was really polite. I advised him to go to a clinic.

This is my first experience in my life.
I’m so excided. I am waiting for the next call.


Keihan Department Store has held Hokkaido fair again.
I went there yesterday.

I ate ramen as usual. Its soup is made with pork and salt. It was thick, but tasty.

I bought cream puff. Its cream is ‘salt caramel cream’.
‘Salt’ and ‘Caramel’ tastes are really popular in Japan.
So you can buy ‘salt caramel rolled cake’, ‘salt caramel cookie’, ‘salt caramel ice cream’ etc.
It was also really good.

I bought a lot of stuff yesterday. Five sanma, three slices of salmon, four hamburger steaks, two packs of sanma donburi, and 400g small fish.
I thought my arm would come out.

I wanted to go there one more time, but I spent too much yesterday.
I have no money to buy any more…



Yesterday was the first day at my new section.
It was really exciting.

In the morning, I went to Osaka Labor Bureau by bike.
It was a beautiful day. I saw a blue sky and cherry blossoms.
It was about 20 minutes cycling.

In the afternoon, I copied many papers.
They were personal information; names, addresses, their academic background, their positions in my company etc.

That’s all.
Afterwards, I read a book of personal system. I haven’t known anything about it, so it was really interesting.

The first day was really slow.
I pleasure in my new life.



Swimmer and I went to a café. I found it at my welcome party.
It is an English style café and really cute. I told about this café to Swimmer, so he said he wanted to go there.

When we went there, it was about 6P.M., but they still served afternoon tea, so we ordered it.

Afternoon tea plate was really cute.
Please look at pictures. Don’t they seem delicious??
Yes! They were really good.
We put much cream and jelly on scone. I cannot forget its taste.
Ice cream, cookies, sandwiches and cakes were also really good.
I didn’t think I would be able to eat all of them. But we stayed there for over 3 hours, so I could eat almost all of them. I took a jar of jam and cookies out.

It was a really cute café.
I really love there.