My birthday comes soon.
One of my coworker brought me to eat dinner.

I reserved a French restaurant, Le Mariage.
When I looked for a restaurant, I found a facsimile sheet, and it said that they gave me 35% discount ticket.
Afterwards, I looked at an internet.
It seemed a good restaurant, so I sent a facsimile sheet and got a discount ticket.

We ordered a 5250yen menu.
They have some menus, and you can choose one of them.

These are dishes I ordered.

Those dishes weren’t heavy.
They seem too much for me but I ate all of them.

The outside of confit is really crispy. It is not oily and not so thick, but it is enough tasty.
I picked meat from bones. I couldn’t stop to eat it…

By the way, they gave me a birthday cake.
When I booked, I added information of my birthday.
I thought they definitely would give me a cake.
This cake is moist and springy.
And it is really sweet. I LOVE a sweet cake.
Latest Japanese cakes aren’t sweet!!!

They gave me lots of discount. I want to say thank you and I have to go there one more time.











Halloween will come soon.
I don’t think there is a custom of Halloween in Japan but you can see and buy many Halloween goods now.

I found these goods at Ikari supermarket.
A cat’s box is really cute. I want it but I didn’t want to buy it by myself.

When I went there, I always looked at that cat’s box.
But the number of cat’s boxes had reduced whenever I went there.

And finally, all of cat’s boxes have sold out!!!

I am disappointed.

Now I regret that I didn’t buy it..


Osaka City and Osaka prefecture have held a festival of Osaka.
I don’t what it is, but I can see many arts along the river.

This is one of the arts.
A big duck.
It is floating on a river. It doesn’t move. Nobody can get on it.
It is just floating…

I don’t know who he/she is but isn’t is cute?




This is my favorite cafe.
This bread is their specility and they have only 6 plates par day.

It is a little expensive for me, but my office transfers in a week, after that I cannot go to this cafe, so lately I sometimes visit here.

The bread is soft and a little sweet.
I want to try it one more time.


Do you like ‘tofu’?

I like it.
I eat tofu more than once a week.

Tofu is processed food but there are many processed food of tofu.
Tofu is said that it is a healthy food, so tofu is really popular in the world.

A few days ago, I went to the Keihan department store as usual.
A tofu store has opened for a limited time only.
I tried a couple of bites and they were really good, so I bought tofu hamburger steak and tofu doughnuts.

There were five doughnuts in a pack.
I ate one doughnut on the day I bought.
The second and third doughnuts, I ate them for breakfast on the next day morning.
I ate the rest of doughnuts on the third day’s morning.

You probably think the third day’s doughnuts aren’t good.

But they were really delicious!!!
There is lots of oil.
You will be probably surprised if you see the doughnuts, because they are cakes of oil.

And you will have heartburn as soon as you see the doughnuts.

But they are still delicious!!!

Even if they aren’t healthy, I will buy them when I see them.


I ate ramen twice at Keihan Department store while they had held a Kinki food fair.

I always go to eat ramen to any food fairs but it is really rare that I can eat good ramen.
It is like winning a lottery.

This time Sodaisho opened. I have never heard ‘Sodaisho’ but I went to eat anyway.

And I won a lottery…

The taste of ramen is soy sauce.
I don’t like soy sauce taste ramen but their speciality is soy sauce, so I ordered.

It didn’t seem special.
But it was really good.
It was not so salty and I could feel the taste of other soup, I don’t know what it was, but it was really tasty.
Latest ramen soups are too thick for me, but it is the best thickness for me.
The noodles are flat. Umm, I cannot explain well…

Anyway it was really good.

The next day I went to eat one more time.
And I ordered salt taste ramen.
I prefer salt ramen but both of them are good.

They have three ramen restaurants in Osaka, but the location is not convenient.
I wish the Keihan department store invites them one more time..







This is a dessert.

As I said the Keihan department store has held a food fair.

They have some sweets, and I want to try all of them but my stomach is too small....

This is Fu-Manju.
The outside is made with Fu.

What is Fu??
I don't know even in Japanese...

By the way, it is springy but there is no taste...
I thought it was sweet but it wasn't.

I just enjoyed its texture.
I will never buy it...



Keihan department store has held a food fair.
I went there as usual.
This time I ate eel.
This restaurant is located close to Swimmer's house and he asked me to try this restaurant.

The dish which you can see is special.
I mean you cannot eat it here.

They have three sizes of eels, bigger, middle, and smaller.

I wanted to eat eel but I really like egg.
This menu is for take out, but they offered me to eat it there.

It was good, but the eel was too small to report its taste.

I felt sorry, so if I have a chance, I will try it at their restaurant.



Keihan railway is going to sell a train alarm clock.
It is the normal clock but its shape is a train.
I think kids like this train clock.

I’m not a kid but I sometimes really like ‘limited goods’.
I think many people are like me.

Unfortunately, I bought a new clock a few months ago.
It was cute but it wasn’t a limited edition…

The train clock isn’t so expensive.
I’m afraid that I will go to buy tomorrow…

Where are you???

Do you know ‘crayon Shin-chan’?
It is a Japanese comic. I don’t read it but it is really popular in Japan and some stories hit big screens.

According to Asahi newspaper, the comic writer of Crayon Shin-chan disappeared.

A couple days ago, he left home and went to climb a mountain.
But afterwards, there is no contact.
His cell phone has still worked but nobody answers.

I am not his fan but I wish his safe.

It is OK if he doesn’t want to draw a comic and he becomes a homeless as Azuma Hideo…


These are the dishes which Swimmer ordered.
We shared them.

They were also really good, but my dinner is better!!





Bistorot Le Pichet

I went to Bistorot Le Pichet, which is a French restaurant, with Swimmer.

It is one of the best restaurants I have been to before.

I’m sorry.
I forgot to take a picture of menu, so I don’t remember the name of meals.



This is Samma with tomato sauce.
It is ‘tres tres bon!!!’.
The tomato sauce is a little sour. And the convention of the tomato sauce and Samma is the best!!
Samma is sometimes smell fishy, but the tomato sauce reduces that smell.

This is ‘corn and potato cold soup’.
I like corn soup and potato soup but those soups tastes are sometimes too strong.
But this soup taste is not like that.
Both of the tastes make milder them tastes.

This is the black porgy wrapped by pie.
It is also really good.

There are cabbages under the pie. It is sweet. The pie is really hot and its butter taste makes me happy.
The dessert is ‘an apple pie and vanilla ice cream.’
The apple pie is hot and the ice cream is cold.
The ice cream melted on the hot pie. It is really sweet and thick.

I love this restaurant.
I need many many stomachs.


A season of Samma.

I think I always write about this topic every year.

Today’s topic is Samma.

A Samma season is coming.

What is your favorite fish?
I love any fish but I especially love ‘Ayu’ and ‘Samma’.
Ayu is not reasonable and supermarket’s Ayu isn’t so good.

But Samma is opposite.
It is reasonable and even if you buy it at supermarkets, it is still delicious.

In Japan, we say ‘the autumn for eating’.
You can eat many delicious foods, as matsutake mushroom, chestnuts, salmon and oysters.
I love them but Samma is the best.

Lately I can see many delicious Sammas at supermarkets but I had no chance to eat it.

However, finally I could eat it last night.

My Samma was really fat and fresh. It was really really good.
It was absolutely scrumptious.
I can not say anything.
There are many delicious food in the world, but the most delicious food is ‘fresh’ and ‘seasonal’.

I bought a half size radish, so I have to eat Samma in a week!!!


I went to a cafe with Swimmer.
I just show you pictres.
Please enjoy them/







TAIPEI 2009 -8/22-

On the 22nd.
It was the last day of this trip and we had to leave hotel at 5:10A.M.
We woke up at 4:00A.M. and checked out at 5:00A.M.

The tour bus has already arrived.
The hotel prepared breakfast, so I ate it on the bus.

Outside was still dark. I was a little sad because I didn’t want to leave Taiwan.

I enjoyed shopping at the airport.
We had enough time until a airplane left.

I bought very big bread. I haven’t seen the same type of bread in Japan.
There were many peanuts on the bread. It seemed very sweet but delicious.
Of course, I bought it.

On the airplane, I ate a breakfast again.
I think my stomach became bigger while I was in Taiwan.

I arrived at Kansai International airport around noon.
I got back to my apartment and did laundry.

The next lunch, I ate the big bread.
I was surprised because there were many peanuts cream inside…
Of course, it was really delicious.

This time, I shot a video, so I couldn’t show you enough pictures.
If you want to see the video, please come to my apartment and see it together.

TAIPEI 2009 -8/21-6-

We got back to the hotel around 6:00P.M.
Everybody was tired.
We took a break, and then we went to eat dinner.

I had no idea but Yumi-chan had a plan to eat at a famous restaurant.

The restaurant was a little far from the hotel and we didn’t have any power to get there, so we got on a taxi.

The restaurant was very crowded. We didn’t know their system, so we just waited.
We waited about 10 minutes. They gave us a card but we didn’t know what that card was.
First of all we ordered meals. I was full because I ate too much in Tansui and afterwards I ate bananas which I had bought at a morning market, so I only ordered ramen. My friends ordered other plates.
They had meal samples as Japan, so my friends pointed out the foods that they wanted to eat.

The ramen was smaller than I thought but it was enough for me.
I am sorry. I have already forgotten its taste because it was a long time ago…(about two weeks ago??)

Anyway we had dinner there and got back to the hotel.

TAIPEI 2009 -9/21-5-

On the way to the station, we went through the old town again.

This time, I tried stinky tofu.

What is the stinky tofu?
I can’t explain well.
But the stinky tofu is really stinky.

You can expect that there is the stinky tofu around you, even if you don’t see the stinky tofu.
My friend, Tsuru-chan, loves Taiwan, but she hates the stinky tofu.

However, many Taiwanese love the stinky tofu, so I wanted to try it.

The stinky tofu in Tansui is different from the stinky tofu in Taipei.
Tansui’s is roasting, but Taipe’s is boiling.

The Tansui stinky tofu was crispy.
If you drink beer, the stinky tofu is a good friend for drinking beer.

I bought several box of sweets in the old town.
The most popular souvenir in Taiwan is a pineapple cake, so I bought it.
Many sweet makers sell pineapple cakes, so I asked a shop clerk which one is the best.
She told me the best one.
I haven’t eaten it, so I still don’t know it is the best, but I was happy because I talked to her in Chinese.

I was thirsty, so I drank sugarcane drink.
A shop squeezed it in front of me, so it seemed really delicious.
The sugarcane was a little young, so its taste was green(can you understand what I mean?).
But it was really delicious. It was not too sweet, and it took off my thirstiness.

TAIPEI 2009 -8-21-4-

Yumi-chan got tired.
We took a break on the street about 15 minutes.

Afterwards we visited ‘Fort San Domingo’
This is its description.

Fort San Domingo, is named after the vanished one built by the Spanish in 1628.
And Fort Antonio is the one built by the Duch in 1644, then refurbished by the British as a consulate office after 1863. Next to the fort stands the Victorian style building, Former British Consular Residence.

I forgot the price of entrance fee.
We were foreigners and if foreigners have receipts of Taiwan, we can see it for free!!!

The view from the fort was beautiful.
We could see the sea and the surface of the sea was shimmering.
I don’t know why, but I couldn’t smell sea.

Can you understand what I mean???

I mean I always can expect that I approach the sea even if I don’t see the sea because of its smell.

The wind was comfortable. It was a beautiful day.

TAIPEI 2009 -8/21-3-

We walked along the street.
There was another road along the river. I wanted to walk that road but it was a really hot day and there was nothing to shade the sunlight, so we walked along the old town.

There were many shops which sold foods.

I always think ‘if’.
If I had several stomachs, I would eat many many sweets.
If had more power, I could buy many sweets and bring them to my home.

I tasted some sweets and I bought some of them.
The foods in Taiwan are delicious.
Even if you aren’t interested in visiting Taiwan, it is worth to going.

TAIPEI 2009 -8-21-2-

We visited a glass museum.
I visited there before but I wanted to go there one more time.

And finally, we arrived at Tansui.
Tansui is located in a north part of Taipei.
You can see a sea there.

There is an old town around there, so we walked along the old town street.
By the way, what is an old town?
I have visited some old towns in Taiwan and all of them seem souvenir streets.

At there, we wanted to try a few things.
One of them was to eat a taller soft cream.
The taller soft cream is specialty of Tansui.

At the entrance of the old town, there is an ice cream shop.
Yumi-chan bought a mango soft cream, Sanzo bought a, ….., I forgot, and I bought a purple colored sweet potato taste soft cream.
Yumi-chan and I ordered a middle size but Sanzo bought the tallest one.
Just after she was handed it, the soft cream slipped and fell down because it was really a really hot day and the soft cream melted soon…
She was crying…
The shop gave her another soft cream but it wasn’t the tallest one anymore.

TAIPEI 2009 -8/21-1-

On the 21st, we had breakfast at the hotel because the breakfast was included in the tour and left hotel.

We got on MRT and bus, and arrived at the International Palace Museum.

The International Palace Museum in Taiwan is one of the most famous museums in the world. I have visited there once before.

Before this trip, I got the information about this museum.
It was that the international palace museum had a limitation the number of the entrance.
I asked about it at Taiwan service center in Osaka, then they said the limitation was only for the group tours.

When I heard it, I didn’t understand her meaning correctly.
Just I thought I would be able to go to the museum.

When I could understand her meaning, it was too late.

Carrying out entrance restrictions meaning is that there are too many people!!!

I have never seen so many people in museums.
It seems like the Disneyland.
I went there only I saw people.
Of course, a gift shop was also crowded.
I got really really tired…

Anyway we stayed there for 2 hours and left there.

We stopped at a coffee shop and took a break.
I ordered hot tea in Chinese. My Chinese was brushed up.

TAIPEI 2009 -8/20-7-


There are many 小吃(shaochi) restaurants in Taiwan.
I don’t know which one is the best or all of them are the best.
So, we read tourists reviews and decided to go to one of them.

We got on a train and walked about 20 minutes, and got to the restaurant.
The restaurant wasn’t crowded but they made many 小吃.
We ordered some foods.
All of them were very delicious.
My favorite one is
It was really juicy. I ate one bite, and then a soup flew out and my mouth became full of the soup.
I have never eaten such a delicious dim sum.
The strange thing was that even if it became cold, it was still really delicious.

The restaurant wasn’t crowded as I said, but many customers came to buy dim sums.

By the way, they don’t have beer.
I don’t know why…
I think if my sister goes there, she will be angry.

The men who worked in that restaurant were kind and were always with smile.
That’s why I like Taiwanese.
I want to visit the restaurant again.






TAIPEI 2009 -8/20-6-

After we looked around, we ate many sweets.
They gave us many ‘tanabata sweets’ because it was a tanabata season.

Our cakes have been baked.
We wrapped them by papers, put them in a box.
They didn’t seem a handmade.
I ate one of them. It was still hot and special taste.

I wanted to buy some sweets there but they didn’t accept a credit card and we didn’t have enough time.

The man picked up us again.
The tour schedule was that they brought us to the shilin night market but we wouldn’t go there.
I told him about it, so he drove us to the hotel.
He was really polite. I could talk to him in Chinese, so I felt happy.

We took a break at the hotel and then we went to eat dinner.