As I said, our office moved.

We need an ID card when we enter the office.
You won't be surprised because it is really common.

But you will be probably surprised if you know we have to bring the ID card when we go to a restroom.

We need the ID card when we open any doors of the office.
So, when we go to a meeting room, when we go to a cafeteria, when we go to buy a can of coffee, and when we go to a rest room, we always need the ID card.

Today, when I went to the rest room, I forgot to bring my ID card.

Of course, I couldn’t enter the office.
I was just waiting for someone who would open the door.

I waited about 5 minutes, and then one of my co-workers came to the office…

I want to say, ‘I don’t like the new office!!’


New products

Convenience stores sell many their original foods.
Latest those foods are beautiful.
I don’t usually go to convenience stores but I like to watch those foods.

According to Asahi news paper, Circle K Thanks are going to sell two cute Chinese manjus.
Chinese manju means Chinese steamed bread.
One is Takoyaki Manju.
There is a Takoyaki in a steamed-bread.
The other one is ‘Small Chinese-style barbecued pork Manju.’
Its shape is a pig head.

I don’t think I won’t buy them but I want to see them.


The last lesson of etiquette was ‘Furoshiki’.

Froshiki is a Japanese package item made of cloth.

It was used for packing clothes when people went to public bath, and then it became used for packing anything, gifts, cloth, used as a bag, etc.
It is a very convenient item.

The situation of the lesson was ‘when people visit a house and give a gift’.
We learned how to pack a gift, how to fold Furoshiki, and how to pass a gift.

It was really really difficult but very interesting.

I always think even if I lean etiquette, I won’t have any chance to show you…
If you need a teacher of etiquette, please let me know!!



I bought an iPhone!!!

I didn’t think I wanted to buy it.
So, I don’t know why I bought the iPhone.
I just wanted to buy a cell phone which I could use in foreign countries.

But anyway, I bought the iPhone.

They have a lot of optional application software.
If I buy all of them, my winter bonus goes to somewhere…

I think Apple is really clever.
If you buy an iPhone, you probably will want to buy optional software.
It is like a Wii.
If you have a Wii, you probably want to buy a Wii Fit or something…

My sister also has the iPhone.
I still don’t know how to use it.
I will meet her in a week, so I want her to teach me how to use the iPhone.


a birthday present from Swimmer.
As you can see, there are many chestnuts in a cake.
They use two kinds of chestnuts, one is Tanba and the other one is Italian.
The cake is moist and the sticky texture.
I could feel alcohol, like brandy, but I don’t know what it is.
One bite is valuable. It is not light. It is rich and gorgeous.

You are probably surprised because one cut of cake is about 1250yen.
I cannot say anything…





There was Kakefu-san’s restaurant near the Temmabashi Station.
Kakefu-san used to be a professional baseball player.

That restaurant served chicken meals.
I don’t like the restaurants which are owned by wealthy people because I don’t think their meals aren’t exactly delicious.
However I like chickens and Kakefu-san’s restaurant’s oyakodonburi seemed really delicious.

I passed through Kakefu-san’s restaurant.
Then there was a sign on a window and it said that the restaurant had been closed.

Many restaurants aren’t managed well.
Many restaurants are opened and many restaurants are closed.
It is hard to keep a good management.



After the opera, we went to eat dinner.

This time, we ate an eel.

If you are not Japanese, it sounds really strange and creepy to eat eels, but it is popular to eat eels in Japan.

We went to ‘UOI(魚伊)’ in Tenjinbashi.
Several weeks ago, Uoi opened a limited restaurant at the Keihan Department Store.
Afterwards, I reported its taste to Swimmer, and then he went to eat Uoi.

He said he liked their eels, and this time he brought me to eat eels there.

The appearance of the restaurant is a typical eel shop.
The first floor seems like Izakaya, and the second floor seems like a modern Japanese restaurant.

We ordered 'eel lunch boxes' with 'eel liver soup' and 'rolled egg with eel'.

The eel was not only crispy but also soft.
My favorite is the rolled egg with eel.
This eel is a different taste with the eel lunch box.
It is a little sweet and its taste matches egg.
It was really delicious.

By the way, I had headache when I was in the theater.
I think the atmosphere in the theater was too bad.

It was a long day and I got tired, but I ate lots of delicious foods.
Thanks, Swimmer…




After the lunch, we went to Suita to see the opera.
I don’t usually watch an opera.

Why did I go to see it??

It is because a famous professor, who is our acquaintance, rolled in that opera.
I mean going to see the opera is a part of my job.

The story is about ‘zeami’, who developed ‘Sarugaku’ in Muromachi era.
The history of Sarugaku is interesting but the opera wasn’t exciting.
I slept and Swimmer also slept…

It started at 3:15 and finished at 6:15. It was a long opera.






Afterwards I stopped at a couple of shops, and then I met Swimmer.

We had to go to see an opera…

Before that, we ate lunch at Keihan City Mall..

We wanted to eat soba but the soba restaurant at Keihan City Mall was crowded, so we ate lunch at tofu restaurant.

I have been to this restaurant before and I always thought I wanted to visit here one more time.

Almost all of them were made of tofu.
The most surprising thing was that there was a piece of tofu in chawan-mushi.
I have never seen such a strange meal…

A view from the restaurant was good.
I could see tall buildings, a beautiful blue sky, and some boats.




On 11th October, I was a little busy.

In the morning, I went to renew my driver’s license.
The driver’s license examination hall is not far from my apartment, so I went there on foot.
I arrived there at 8:45A.M., but there were so many people there.

I had to wait about 1.5 hours until my turn.

I filled out a couple of forms, checked my eyes, took a picture, listened to a lecture, and reserved my new driver’s license.

When I left there, it was around 11:30A.M.


This is a birthday present from Yoshiko.
It is really cute, isn’t it?
There are some cookies in a bag.
I ate two of them.
They were also cute and delicious.
I couldn’t throw out a package.
After I opened the bag, I tied the ornament wih the ribbon again and put it on a wall.
I couldn’t tie well but it is still cute.
Thanks, Yoshiko.




I’m sorry…
My topic is not always special.

Anyway, I visited the Keihan Department Store because they have held ‘a Hokkaido Fair.’

I ate ‘ramen’ as usual. This time a ramen restaurant, Musashi, was opened.
I don’t know this ramen restaurant….

I ordered miso soup ramen.
The soup was not so thick.
The noodles were thick, curly, and short.
They are the thickest noodles I have ever eaten.

Its taste was OK but a little heavy for me.

I always say it is really hard to find delicious ramen and I think this ramen is better.
But I prefer Sodaisho, which I ate last time at the Keihan Department Store.

After I ate the ramen, I bought a soup curry with oysters, soy been butter, and samma donburi.
I usually buy soy been butter and samma donburi but the soup curry with oysters is the first try.
It seems really delicious. I will report its taste after I eat it.



There is an antique shop street in Nishitenma.
Today I walked alom this street and found a café.

I found this café a few years ago. But I couldn’t find it afterwards.
I visited there several times but this café disappeared.
I could see many antique cute coffee cups at this café, so I really wanted to visit here.

And today I found it again.
Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time today, so I couldn’t visit here.
I will go to this café next Saturday, and want to drink a delicious coffee.



There is a Kushi-katu restaurant close to my apartment and I visited there last night.

What is a Kushi-katsu?
A Kushi-katsu is spit-deep-fry-some foods. You can fry anything, for example, meat, chicken, vegetables and sometimes ice-cream!!

I ordered 2930yen menu. It includes, 13 bars of Kushi-katsu, aperitif, vegetables, dessert, and ochaduke(お茶漬け).

The taste of the kushi-katsu is really gentle. The size is not so big, so I could eat 13 bars.
My favorite one is ‘green soybean croquette’. It is sweet and a good texture.
‘Bacon asparagus by bacon’ is also good. They use one long and fat aspergeus.

The dessert is a sherbet. It smells something sour. Kutshi-Katsu is a little heavy, so this sherbet makes me refresh.

Now they have held a 5th anniversary event, and they gave me 20% discount.
When I left there, they gave me a bunch of flowers.







Our office moved to a new office.
A new building has about 20 floors and our office is located on the 11th floor.

A view from our new office is beautiful.
I can see Nakanoshima, a river, and many buildings of Umeda.

There is a cafeteria in this new building but it hasn’t opened yet.
As long as we cannot use cafeteria, our company sells lunch boxes.
I haven’t eaten it yet but according to my co-workers it isn’t delicious.
On the first day of the new office, the lunch boxes were sold out.
But on the second day, many lunch boxes remained unsold.

Anyway, working at the new office brought me a good feeling.

However, I don’t want to move to a new office anymore,
I am really tired…

100yen-hot cakes

Pado is a free paper and it is delivered once a week.

I found good information on Pado and it said that a café at Nishisansou served 100yen hot cake(pan cake).
It sounds really nice, so I visited that café yesterday.

A small shopping mall at Nishisansou has held a 30th anniversary event, and 100yen hot cake is one of their services.

Of course, I ordered 100yen hot cake.

The taste of it was not special but I thought I was lucky to eat it.
They gave me a towel for free.

I felt sorry, so I bought 100g coffee beans.

I found a dessert and it seemed really delicious.
I can eat it only this autumn, so I have to visit there one more time.
I am really busy. I have to visit many restaurants and cafes.


A couple of days ago, I went to Starbucks.
I ordered a cup of coffee and waited for my coffee.
Then I saw a cute chocolate.
I didn’t want to eat it but I wanted to buy it.
So I bought it.

A girl said, “They are 670yen”.
I doubted my ear because the coffee was 290 yen.
I said, “Excuse me??”
She repeated, “670 yen”.

The chocolate was 380yen!!!
Can you believe it???
This small chocolate is 380yen.
I can buy a delicious cake for 380yen.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask its price before I bought it…


Narita Shoji was arrested.
He was a member of Otokogumi, which was a Japanese idle group.
Four guys belonged to that group, and Narita Shoji was the most popular member in the group.

After they broke up, each member has worked themselves.
I can see them on TV or on stages.

Takahashi was not popular when he was a member of Otokogumi.
But he was the best singer in that group.

Now he has three or four children and I can see him often. I am happy when I see him.

But after Otokogumi broke up, I haven’t seen Narita Shoji.

According to today’s news, he lost his job and worked as a part time job.
And finally, he started to smoke cannabis.

I thought what a life is.
The one who wasn’t popular became a star and the one who was a star became a criminal.
Nobody knows our futures.