On the 19th.
I woke up early as usual.
When I woke up, Joy-san has already started cooking for breakfast.
I washed dishes and cleaned up around the tables again.
Afterwards I took a shower. There was no hot water but it was enough for summer season.

Breakfast was like Samugetan. The base foodstuff of this breakfast was rice and chicken.
It was really tasty, and it seems it got us a lot of powers.
According to Joy-san, it was a traditional Filipino food.

I had to leave earlier than the other guys.
My team folded the tent, and prepared for leaving.

Around 10 O’clock, we started driving.
We stopped at a souvenir shop once, and got back to Osaka around noon.

I felt I got back to my school days.
I drank, ate a lot, enjoyed fireworks, and canoeing.

If other guy invite me next year, I want to join this camp again.


I want to introduce my friends.

As I said, I have never met almost all of them before.

The leader of this party is a guy who works at the same office.
He belongs to the sales department.
I knew him but I have never talked to him. He said he was a quarter. But he doesn’t know which blood he has had.
His father never told him.

His wife is Pinoy. She is really cute, good at cooking, and bright.
I think everybody likes her.

Many guys work at the same company, but I haven’t met them before.
Almost all of them belong to the sales department.
It was a good chance to meet the guys who work at other office.

One guy works at a post station.
I heard he has worked at the same company, but after his father retired, he decided continuing his father’s job.

One guy has his own pub at Shinsai-bashi.
That’s why he well-knows about water and alcohol. He knows the best way of drinking alcohol, so he is a really important guy.

One guy works at a very famous iron work company.
He brought a roasting pan made of an iron which made at his company.
It is thick. So, we could cook delicious Yakisoba, and Yakimeshi.

Many guys came with their family.
Their children are around 20 years old.
It is rare in Japan old children go somewhere with their fathers, so, I was a little surprised.

I am not good at talk to strangers but one of my co-workers helped me a lot.
I want to say thank you to him.

CAMPING -7-18-1


I don’t remember what I did on the 18th.
We ate instant ramen in the morning.
It was the special ramen, I think.
I took a shower afterwards, and then…. I don’t remember….
I took a nap around noon, and I went to see fireworks in the evening.
We cooked, Yakisoba, Yakimeshi, Yakitori, and so on.
While we grilled those foods, we were talking about something which was not important.
It was a really good time.

Some guys went to swim, went to fish, and….etc.

By the way, what do you do every weekend or on your free time?
I always do something even if I don’t have to do.

For example, doing laundry, cleaning up my room, sewing something, reading books, studying Chinese, and so on.

So, it was the languorous time in my life.



CAMPING -7/17-4-

Afterwards, we drank, ate, and talked.
I am not good at talking to strangers, but this time my co-worker, SDFM, helped me a lot, so I could make many friends.

I went to sleep around … I don’t know what time it was…, but midnight.
Other guys were still talking.

Next morning, I was woken by voices which some people were talking.
They went to fishing.

I cleaned up around the tables because it was really really messy.
There were many empty cans, empty bottles, and etc.

It was also really good day.
The sky was high and blue.


CAMPING -7/17-3-

We can do anything what we want to do at the camp.

First of all, I helped Joy-san to cook.
I couldn’t see the borderline between lunch and dinner.
Everyone has already drunk, and I drank, too.

A few persons went to fishing, some persons went to take off shellfishes, and some guys were drinking.

I went to get on a boat with some people.
I didn’t wear a swimsuit, but it was too hot, and my co-workers seemed very comfortable, so finally, I jumped into the water.
It was a little cold but very comfortable.
I really like swimming.

CAMPING -7/17-2-

We arrived at a camping area around 13:00.
Our co-workers have already arrived there.

First of all, we built(?) a tent.
It was the first experience for me, but our co-workers helped us a lot.
We could build it soon.

The numbers of members were about 20.
I knew a few people but I have never seen the other guys.

Sen-chan, who worked at the factory together before, and Joy-san, who is my co-worker’s wife, and I went to buy some stuff.
There is a supermarket close to the camping area.
They have already known what we would buy, so I just went together and pulled a cart.

CAMPING -7/17-1

I went camping with my co-workers.

I think I am not a person who likes stay outside.
So, I don’t know why I decided going camping.

On the 17th, Self Defense Force Man; I will call him ‘SDFM'; picked me up.
We and another co-worker, High-Tone-Voice Man, drove to Shikoku.

The Hanshin High Way was crowded a little.
We chose a narrow way and passed through Arima Onsen.
ADFM doesn’t have a car navigation system, so I had to see a map.
It is hard to look at a map, but it was a big fun for me.

We left my place at 8:30A.M. and arrived at Shikoku around 12:30.
First of all, we ate Udon, of course!!!
It wasn’t the famous Udon restaurant, but it was really delicious.
Why can all of Udon restaurants in Kagawa prefecture serve delicious Udon???



We still had time until Captain EO started.
We went to ‘It’s a Small World’, and went to buy souvenirs.

Finally, we went to Captain EO.
The attraction was very crowded.
When Tsuru-chan and I went to Captain EO often, it was not always crowded.
We could take any seats, so we felt like the theater was my room.
However, this time was not like that.

Before it started, we saw a making video clip.

The video was the same as in my memory…
Michael and Captain EO were really cool.
I am not Michal’s fan, but I like Captain EO.
The dance scene was exciting.
I think Michael was one of the best dancers.
I want Disneyland to continue this attraction.

Tsuru-chan and I were satisfied.
When we went to outside after EO, it was raining.
We ran to the station and got back to our each home.

Tsuru-chan and I go to Tokyo Disneyland every year.
Our visit of this time was the most satisfied visit we have ever been to.


TRIP TO TOKYO -7-11-3-


We went to Western River Railway, afterwards.

As I said, the Disneyland wasn’t crowded, so we didn’t have to wait to get on the railway.

We didn’t have any plans. After we got off the train, we heard information about the show at the castle.

I asked a middle-aged man(a cast?) about the show.
He said the show was really exciting, and we had to go to.

The Disneyland always holds many shows, but we can’t usually see the shows because of crowded.
But this time we could see the show.

The show was exciting as he said.
There was no concept of the show. The Disney characters just sprinkled the water.
I don’t know why people like to get wet!!!

Afterwards, we went to Peter Pan, ate lunch, rowed a canoe, went to The Haunted Mansion.



Now you can see Captain EO.
Tsuru-chan and I are big fans of Captain EO!!!
So, of course, we went to take a Fast Pass!!!
Afterwards, we went to book a drawing class.
They had several samples and we chose ‘Minnie Mouse.’
Minnie-chan’s class would start at 10:30.
We still had 10 munities, so we looked around souvenir shops until the class started.

The time of the drawing class is for 30 minutes but 30-minite isn’t enough for me. I always need more time.
Anyway, we drew Minnie-chan.
I think Minnie-chan is cuter…

We went to get on the Western River Railway.
When we got there, we found a Minnie-chan’s show. It would start in a few minutes, so we decided seeing that.

We were very surprised.
This show is always full and if you want to see that show, you have to wait at the entrance for more than 30 minutes!!!

The show was really cute and exciting.
I took many pictures of the show. I sometimes try to taking Disney Characters but I have never taken good pictures.
However, this time, I could take very very good pictures.
I was really satisfied.




TRIP TO TOKYO -7-11-1-

On the 11th.
We had breakfast at the hotel.
According to Tsuru-chan, the prices of the room are the same even if we have breakfast or not.
It sounds really strange but we had breakfast, of course.

We left the hotel around 9:30.
The hotel has a service.
They drive their customers to Tokyo Disneyland for free!!!

We arrived at Tokyo Disneyland around 10:00.
Surprisingly, the Disneyland wasn’t so crowded.
I don’t know why.

TRIP TO TOKYO -7/10-5-

I leave Tokyo-Mid-Town and headed to Hibiya Area.

I had about one hour until I saw the musical, so I looked around Hibiya Area.

I met Tsuru-chan at Teikoku Theater at 17:45.

I have seen the musical, ‘Shock’, several times.
It is not so good but not so bad.
The stage was beautiful and I could see many interesting ideas on the stage.
The stage was colorful and dynamic.
There is no story but the stage was pleasure to the eye.
Mr. Domoto is 30 or 31 years old, but he was still really cool.
The musical was long but we enjoyed enough.

After the show, we ate dinner close to Tokyo Station.
It was too late for dinner. We found an Okinawa food restaurant.
I ordered seaweed ramen. It was not heavy.
That rame is good to eat for night time.


We headed to the hotel where Tsuru-chan booked.
She booked cheap class room, but that rooms were already full, so we could stay at high class room.
It was not big, but the view from the room was beautiful.

TRIP TO TOKYO - 7/10 -4-

I visited The Cover Nippon, where sell my favorite plate.
Many customers visited that shop.
That shop sells local products.
As you know there are many traditional products in Japan, and that shop gathers those products and sell them.

They had many beautiful products.
And finally, I found the plate, which I wanted to buy!!!!

However, the plate was not the same as in my image.
I was a little disappointed, and I didn’t buy the plate.

Buy the way, I bought chopsticks at Mid-Town.
There is a chopsticks shop. My chopstick has been getting old, so I bought one pair.
When I bought them, the shop gave me other chopsticks for gift.
I don’t know why they gave me, but I felt lucky.

I got tired because I walked, walked, walked and walked.

I found a café, so I took a break at that café.
That café was a very famous fu product in Kanazawa.
Their products seemed healthy, so I ordered a cake and coffee.
The flavor of cake was Tofu, I think.


TRIP TO TOKYO -7/10-3-

Afterwards, I went to buy a plate.
I looked at a map and looked for that shop.

I could find that shop soon.
They had many cute and beautiful Japanese taste products.
Lately, the number of this type of shop has increased.

They sold high level products, but they were too expensive.

I looked for the plate which I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t find it.

I asked a girl, who worked at the shop, then she said they hadn’t already sold that plate.

I was really disappointed.

Anyway, I wanted to buy that plate, so I decided to visit another shop.

That shop was in Tokyo Mid Town.
It is not far from Omote-Sando; only one stop by subway.

Tokyo Mid Town consists of some parts.
There are a hotel, shopping center, offices, and a beautiful park.
I don’t know why there are so many beautiful places in Tokyo.
The park was beautiful, and some people took walks with their pets.


TRIP TO TOKYO -7/10-2-


Afterwards, I visited Omote-Sando-Hills.
It is a shopping mall.
I am not usually interested in those kinds of malls.
However I had enough time, and it was a very famous place, so I visited there.

I said, “I am not usually interested in…”, but I became to like Omote-Sando-Hills.
There were many cute shops in the mall.
I looked at some shops.
There is a Nara product shop in the mall.
I can see many Kyoto product shops in Kansai area but I don’t see a Nara product shop.
The shop sold Japanese taste products.
Some of them were not expensive, so I wanted to buy something at that shop.
However, I live in Osaka.
So, I didn’t want to buy Nara product goods in Tokyo.

There is a Japanese sake shop in the mall, too.
I saw that shop on TV.
They sell bottles of sake and, also, you can drink sake at that shop.

I bought a beautiful sake glass a few weeks ago, so I wanted to buy good sake.
But I didn’t want to bring a heavy sake bottle, so I didn’t buy sake.


TRIP TO TOKYO -7/10-1-

I went to Tokyo to see the musical, ‘Shock’.
Before I saw it, I visited Omote-Sando-Hills.

Last year, I saw a beautiful plate on a magazine.
That plate is an Okinawa product. I really wanted to buy it, but before bought it, I wanted to see and touch it.

I heard that products were sold in a few stores in Tokyo and one of them was located close to the Omote-Sando-Hills.

The street close to the Omote-Sando-Hills was beautiful.
There were lots of trees along the street.
There was a Chinese tea shop along the street.

Of course, I visited.

They sold tea leaves and tea sets.
And they also had a tearoom. So you can drink Chinese tea at that shop if you want.

They had many teapots and teacups.
Those products were beautiful. I wanted to some teacups, but I have already decided to buy tea sets in Taiwan, so I didn’t buy them.
Anyway, watching those beautiful tea sets made me happy.
I imagined that I poured teas with those tea sets.



My co-worker was discharged from the hospital.

While he was in the hospital, I went to see him.

Of course, I gave him consolation payment.

So, after he came back to my office, he asked me my address.
I know it was because he wanted to send me a gift; it is a Japanese custom.

I knew why he wanted to know my address.
However, even if he sent me a gift, there was no one who received his gift, so I said to him he didn’t have to send me a gift for me.

On the other hand, I knew this type of gift was really important for Japanese people.

I said to him if he wanted to give me something, please bought some snacks at a convenience store.

A few days later, he gave me those rose bath agents.
There are very beautiful. I can’t use them.

I am really happy and I thought my co-worker had a good sense.



I used to like to visit foreign countries and have visited some countries and many towns.
Each town has its own charm.
I like some towns and I dislike some towns.

The most favorite town is Adelaide in Australia.
Even if I waste thousands of words, you cannot understand what I want to say.

Adelaide is a small town.
However, you can get everything what you need.
There are some movie theaters, casinos, a good transformation system, shopping malls, a big hospital, good schools, etc.
They also have beautiful sea and green parks. You can touch the nature anytime.

I sometimes say about Adelaide but nobody could understand what I meant.
They say there are many beautiful cities in the world.

I know what they mean, but I still want to say Adelaide is the best city in the world.

A few days ago, I talked to one of my co-workers.
I knew she had learned English in a foreign country but I didn’t know which country she had visited.

She said she had learned English in Adelaide for one year.

Both of us were surprised because it is really hard to find the Japanese guy who had visited Adelaide.

Her opinion was the completely the same as mine.

She said she had visited some(or many?) countries but the Adelaide was the best town.
She also disappointed that nobody agreed her opinion.

We said we wanted to live in Adelaide someday.

There are many beautiful towns in the world and I like to visit those towns.
But if I choose one of them, Adelaide is the best town to live in.


Have you ever tosses someone into the air?
Or have you ever been tossed into the air?

You can see those people on streets sometimes.
Especially a groom after the wedding.

It seems not only cheerful but also dangerous.

According to Asahi Shinbun, a man died because of this event.
After his retirement party, his co-workers tossed him into the air.
They missed and dropped him.

Then, he died.

I know his co-workers are innocent.

But I also know the feelings of him and his families.
I think he had many plans after his retirement.

It is very pity.

If you toss someone into the air, you should pay attention to that guy.


Lately I bring a lunch box everyday.

I used to eat out for lunch everyday, but I stopped eating out a couple of weeks ago.

I have a few reasons.

One reason is money.

I had to pay more than 500yen (sometimes it was 1000yen) par lunch.

It was OK if the lunch was good, but I didn’t think there were any good restaurants close to my office.

And another reason is smoking.

The restaurants around my office permit smoking.
I don’t like smoking, so while I was eating and after I ate, I always had bad feeling.

One night; it was really hot and I couldn’t sleep; I asked myself.
Why do I eat out?
Eating out is uncomfortable!!!

Then, I decided.

I have one more reason but I will never tell you.
It is a secret.


I saw my ex-co-worker at Osaka-Ekimae Building.

He left the job about several years ago.

Afterwards, he found a new job soon, but he was fired a few months ago.

I have already known that bad news.

I said hello to him and asked him where he would go to.

He said he would go to an employment-explanation meeting.
He said he had decided to leave my company by himself, but it was too hard to find a new job.
He regretted his decision.

Many Japanese people have the same kinds of regrets.
I think they have to be cleverer.


It’s really hot lately, isn’t it?

The temperature of outside is not too high at night but my room is too, too hot.
I can’t sleep enough!!!

Do you know a ‘cool mat’?
You can see many types of cool mats on magazines or web sight.

I always think I want to buy one, but I don’t know if it works well or not.
I checked out their reputations but I’ve never felt satisfied with those reports.

Finally I bought one of these.
The one which I bought is a kind of appliance.
It is consisted of two layer-mats, and a machine flows an air to between the layers.

When I lay down on the mat, I didn’t feel it was cool.
However, while I realized, I fell asleep.

I used it only once, so I can’t say it is a good item.
But I am sure it will help my sleep from now.


I took a day-off.
The reason is … I just wanted to take a day-off and refresh.

I ate a special lunch at Kitaduien.
I found this restaurant on a free paper of Keihan Department Store.
The photo of lunch on the paper seemed very delicious but they serve that lunch only for weekday.

The restaurant is located close to Kitashinchi Station.
There is the restaurant on the third floor in the AX building.

When I went out from the elevator, I was really surprised.
It seemed the first class restaurant. If I knew that I wouldn’t go to this restaurant. A lady who wears T-shit and jeans is unfit for the restaurant.