On the 24th.
That day’s plan was looking around Nagasaki.
We left the Hotel in the morning and headed to Glover Garden.

Mr. Glover was born in Scotland.
He came to Japan in 1859. He established an import and export trade company in Nagasaki.
He also helped many young Japanese people who desired to study in England.

I visited Glover Garden for a school trip but it was a long time ago.

The street from the train station to Glover Garden was steep.
But there are many souvenir shops along the street, so I didn’t get tired.

Before we visited Glover Garden, we stopped at the Ooura-Tenshu-do.
I don’t explain about it. If you are interested in it, please look at Wikipedia.

Anyway, this type of church remained me the churchs, where I visited in France.

And finally, we arrived at Glover Garden.




We stayed at Inasayama-Kanko-Hotel.

This hotel is built on a mountain and a night view from the hotel is very beautiful.

As usual, we went to take a bath just after we arrived at the hotel.
They have three bathtubs but they aren’t hot springs.

The dinner was Shippoku-ryouri(卓袱料理), which is mixed Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch cuisines.
It usually prepares on a round table and people eat it around the table.


I’m not sure if it was delicious or not, but I am sure I can’t eat it except in Nagasaki.
Akemi-san and Kiyomi-chan drank too much, as usual, and I drank beer and wine.
Eating dinner with my friends is a big fun for me.

This hotel is inexpensive. However, the staffs are very polite and friendly. I really like this hotel.

After dinner, we went to the roof and saw a night view.
It was beautiful but very cold….
We took a bath again and slept soon.



There is a river in HTB.
We went to get on a boat to a port.



There is a tall tower in HTB.
Before getting a boat, we went up to the tower.
Luckily, they had an elevator, so we could get to the top soon.
The view from the tower was very beautiful.
We see the whole HTB.
Some houses are used as vacation homes.
We said we would buy one of them and used it together.
One thing, which I thought very strange, was that the town seemed like a foreign country but the mountains behind the town were completely Japan.

We ate ice cream, and then we got on a boat.

We looked at the view from the boat. We have already worked at that area. We thought we had walked too much on that day.


We bought some souvenirs and leave there.
We arrived at Nagasaki Station at 5:00P.M.

It is not sento. it is a bathroom at the station...



HUIS TEN BOSCH is a theme park.
Its model country is the Netherlands.
I have never been to the Netherlands, but according to Yoshiko, HTB is the same as Amsterdam.

In the park, there are some beautiful gardens and tall windmills.
The scene was very beautiful and the autumn air was clean and fresh.
I was really happy to stay there.


There was a cheese shop in the park.
I don’t know if the Netherlands are famous of cheese or not.
But anyway, we looked around the shop.
Their cheeses seemed really delicious but it was the first day of the trip, so we couldn’t buy them.
Anyhow, I felt happy because I remembered about the cheeses, which I met in French.



The main construction in the park is Palace Huis Ten Bosch.
According to the website.
A painstaking reproduction of the Dutch Palace
Special permission was required to reproduce the exterior of the palace, known as Huis Ten Bosch, of the reigning Queen of Holland.
Inside you will find the largest dome mural, a 19X11 meter (825 sq. meters) mural based on the themes of peace and antiwar, in Japan, which took a Dutch artist 4 years to complete and the Huis Ten Bosch Museum which houses various exhibits from time to time.
Don’t miss the exquisite 17th century Dutch Baroque garden located behind the palace.
There is a museum in the palace. We could see many rose paintings.
I heard we could see some roses in their garden.
There is a music box on the second floor.
There are some violins in the music box and those violins are rotated automatically and play the music.
I don’t think the music was good, but looking at the music box was very interesting.





I arrived at the Osaka Station.
At the station, I heard the really bad news.
The Kyoto-line of JR was stopped because of a lightning damage.
I knew Ii-san and Kiyomi-chan would get on the Kyoto-line, so I called them soon.
Afterwards, I changed JR to subway and got to the Shin-Osaka station.
Miya-san and Akemi-san were already there.

Ii-san and Kiyomi-chan came to the station just before the Shinkansen arrived.
We could catch our Shinkansen.
We were lucky.

The weather in Osaka was terrible but I believed that the weather in Nagasaki was perfect.
When the Shinkansen arrived at Hakata, the sky was gray, but when we arrived at the HUIS TEN BOSCH, the sky was blue.





I went to Kyushu with my ex-co-workers, Miya-san, Ii-san, Akemi-san, and Kiyomi-chan, from September 23rd to 25th.

We have a trip every year, and this year, we visited Nagasaki and Unzen.

I have been to Nagasaki before but it was a school trip, so I don't remember about Nagasaki clearly.

On the 23rd morning, it was raining very hard.
And I could see thunderstorm and lightning.
I was scared… I thought if the lightning hit me….
When I went outside, the water was overflowing.
I couldn’t walk because of much water. The level of water was height of my knee.
I thought I couldn’t go to the station.
But I had to go.
Because I had their train tickets.
After I walked for a few minutes, the water level became low.
So, I could go to the station…


Do you remember your first futon??
Futon is a sleeping material, like a mattress.
Banbi pattern was printed on my first futon.

Of course, when I used it, I didn’t know that was the banbi pattern because I was a baby.
However, after I was getting bigger, I really liked that banbi futon.

My mother remade it to zabuton.
I still remember cute banbi pattern and bright red my futon.

A few days ago, I went to buy a fabric.
Then, I found bambi pattern fabric.
That banbi was really close to my memory.

I really wanted to buy it, but I didn’t know what I would make….
I just looked at it, and went back to my apartment.

Afterwards, I was thinking about that banbi…
If I made pajama… ??

Finally, I decided making ‘jinbei’. Jinbei is a Japanese traditional cloth, like Yukata.

I went to buy banbi soon,

It is too cold to wear jinbei this year, so I want to make it until next summer!!


I went to the supermarket, Daiei, to buy apples.
I saw a flyer and it said that they sold an apple for 98yen.
Lately, vegetables and fruits are very expensive because of abnormal climate.
So, lately I don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits.

At Daiei, I straight headed to the corner of fruits.
Then, I found substandard apples.
They sold three apples for 200yen.
I compared with the substandard apples and 98yen apples.
Both apples seemed the same. I couldn’t find any differences…

Of course, I bought the substandard apples.
Afterwards, I looked around the supermarket.
They sold individual vegetables.
I thought Daiei was a good market because almost all of supermarket didn’t sell individual vegetables.
Many supermarkets always sell one pack of vegetables, and there are some same kind of vegetables in the pack.
I live by myself, so I don’t need many vegetables at the same time.

This time, I didn’t buy other vegetables and fruits. But when I want to buy vegetables and fruits, I want to go to Daiei.
It is the best choice to buy vegetables at Daiei.




Mr. Swimmer’s cancer has returned again.
About one year ago, his cancer has returned, and at that time, his doctor performed an operation, but I think the doctor couldn’t remove all of the cancer.

Lately, Swimmer seemed really blue, so I tried to cheer up him.

So, I tried him to cheer up.

I asked him where he wanted to go to, and I chose one Chinese restaurant.

The restaurant seemed a good restaurant, and seemed not so expensive.

The restaurant is located on the 37th floor, so the view of the restaurant is really beautiful.
Unfortunately, I didn’t book, so we couldn’t take the table near the window.

These are the dishes.
* Two kinds of hors d'oeuvres helpings of various kinds of dishes

* Corn soup with crabmeat

* It is roasting of vegetables in a prawn and a season

* Deep-fried chicken / a fawn dumpling

* It is Malaysian source roasting of the beef

* Five Guangdong wind fried rice

* Coconuts and tapioca

The price was about 2800/person.
It seemed reasonable.
And the tastes made me satisfied.
I don’t know if I was successes or not, but anyway, he seemed he enjoyed lunch.
I hope he will get better.



I went to business trip to Fukuchiyama because there is our factory there.
At Fukuchiyama, I stayed at Hotel Royal Hill Fukuchiyama.
I sometimes go to the factory but it was the first time to stay at the hotel.
I mean I usually go to a day trip.
My boss likes this hotel.
I didn’t know the reason why.

But now I know.

They have good hot springs even if it is a business hotel.

Of course, I went to the hot springs.
They have a clean and big bathtub.
The water is also really good.
I forgot that it was the business trip.
The amenities are really cute.
The design of ukata, a tea cup, towels, are really cute.
They sell plates, sake, and etc.
I wanted to buy some but while I was thinking, the taxi came, so I couldn’t buy it.

If I have a chance to stay in Fukuchiyama, I definitely stay at the Hotel Royal Hill Fukuchiyama, and buy some stuff.


I work at a pharmaceutical company.
We make some medicines, of course, but we also make some stuff for advertisement.
They are called them ‘novelty goods’.
Unfortunately, I don’t know what they are called in English.

This stuff is sometimes very cute.
The most popular one is a ball-pint-pen.
It is convenient. I think doctors have never bought ball-point-pens.
Other goods are sticky notes, Kleenex, wet tissue, and etc.

They are made for advertisement, so I don’t usually get them.

Lately, a girl, who belongs to sales department, moved to in front of me in my office.

So, she gives me many those goods.
I feel really happy because those goods sometimes really cute.

In addition to this, those goods are made for sample.
They were not made for advertisement.


On the 14th, at the lunch time, Yoshiko sent me an e-mail.
I was really surprised because it was very rare that Yoshiko sent an e-mail.

I read her mail.
She said, “Today’s google’s top page is Akatsuka Fujio. It is because today is his birthday.”

I was laughing…

That day’s topic in my office was ‘today’s google’s top page’.
My co-worker and I talked about it in the morning and said “The google’s top page is always simple. So, today’s top page grabs our attention”.

Some Yoshiko’s and my friends say Yoshiko and I are good friends.
We don’t think so, but when I meet her on the way home without appointment or when she thinks the same thing as my thinking like this time, I feel she is really good friend.



Lately, I think I have had aged eyes.
I can read newspaper, brose at the Internet, but I can’t write something.

I mean…
A few days ago, I wrote an address on an envelope.
I looked at an address book and the envelope.
But I couldn’t see the letters which I wrote on the envelope clearly.
I think I and my eyes have been getting old, and do not work well.

I still can read books now.
However, I know I won’t read books in the future.
My father used to love reading books but he doesn’t read them anymore.

I don’t want to be like him. Reading books is one of my most important hobbies.

I have to buy glasses for my eyes but the glasses shop where I usually went to was closed.
If you know a good glasses shop, please let me know.


A few days ago, I talked to one of my friends who studies Chinese.
We talked about the ways of sending an e-mail in Chinese.
When I send an e-mail in Chinese, I always use a personal computer…
We didn’t know how to write e-mail in Chinese by cell phone.

Then, I remembered about my i-phone.
“It probably has a Chinese mode…”

I looked at my i-phone soon. I could find a Chinese mode, and I tried typing in Chinese.
I could do it very easy.
It was a big surprise for me.

I have to make Chinese friends soon.


I saw an advertisement of European beers on the Asahi newspaper.
It is a party-style sale.
They send me 6 bottles of beer, one original glass, six coasters, and etc every month.
When I saw it, I was really excited.
Of course, I want to drink beer. However, I also want those glasses.
They are really cute. And I like collecting glasses.
The price is a little expensive but I can buy.
Only one thing which I am worried about is I don’t drink 6 bottles of beer every month.
I drink only two or three bottles.
If someone helps me to drink out, I am sure I will apply soon.




These are the pictures that I found on the Internet.
One is the smallest flog. It puts on the top of a pencil.
The other one is a pink colored mantis.
I think it is a mutation evolution.

Lately, I check out the news on the Internet while lunch time.
So, I see much strange news.
Sometimes pity, sometimes awful, sometimes happy…
But new animal news always makes me happy.
If I see new animals, I will show you the animals.


Do you eat instant noodles?
Lately, sometimes I eat them.

I usually bring a lunch box but when I cannot bring it, I eat instant noodles.
Eating instant noodles is a little pity, so I bring a boiled egg, shu-mai, or something.

The bad thing is smell.
The instant noodles’ cup is not so good, so sometimes it smells really strange….
I also don’t like a paper cup. It smells really bad….

So, I decided to buy a cup for instant noodles.
First, I went to KiKi, where is located close to Kyobashi Station in Osaka.
There is a really cute shop in KiKi, and I have found some cute cups.

They had really cute cups but all of them were too small for instant noodles.
I was disappointed…

Afterwards, I browsed at Rakuten,
I found cute cups but if I bought them, I had to pay a shipping fee…
I really wanted to buy the cute cup which I found on Rakuten…

Then, I realized that if Amazon sold the same one, the shipping fee was for free.

Afterwards, of course, I checked out Amazon and found the same cup.
I cricked soon.

This is the cup which I bought.
It’s really cute, isn’t it?



My section was held a convivial party.
I think it was the first time to join together only to drink.
When we have a party, it always has some kind of reasons.
For example, farewell party, welcome party, and etc.
This time, we had no reasons.
We just went to drink and talk.

We went to a Yakitori restaurant. It was my boss’s recommendation.
He likes this restaurant and visit there often.

The number of our section is 6, three ladies and three men.
This time, Micro man also came to the party.

The party was exciting.
Even if we work together, we don’t have enough time to talk.
And alcohol breaks the border of people’s minds.
When we drink alcohol, we can open our mind.

We talked about our daily lives, our co-workers, and family.
One surprising thing is that two of my co-workers graduated from the same junior high school.
Of course, they haven’t known that.
I think the world is very small….

Yakitori was really good.
I took many pictures but all of the pictures seem same.
So, I put up some of the pictures.
Please enjoy them.














I ate Vietnamese food at Hi-Hi-Town in Uehonmachi.

Hi-Hi-Town is the name of one part of the building.
The building is very old. I don’t know when the building was built, but when I realized, the building was already there.

There are many curious and suspicious restaurants in Hi-Hi-Town.
However, almost all of them are cheap and seem like delicious.

I chose one of those restaurants.

The name of the restaurant is Ichi-Fuku(一福).
It used to be a Japanese restaurant. After the restaurant closed, another guy opened a Vietnamese restaurant.
They didn’t renovate, so it seem like a Japanese restaurant.
They also use old plates. It was really strange….

But the foods were really good.
I have eaten Vietnamese food at Restaurant RIVE GAUCHE before but the Ichifuku is better.

They didn’t have special food.
I ate stir-fried meat and pineapple. Its taste was a little thick, but really good. If you like ‘rice’, you cannot stop eating rice.
Their pho was plain. You can eat it until you are tired.
I think Japanese people like their food because their food makes rice tastier.

I drank coffee. It was too sweet. It gave me a special power.
I want to visit Ichifuku one more time, but as I said there were many curious restaurants in Hi-Hi-Town.
I need much time and many stomachs.




Do you go to one-coin shops often?
I sometimes go there, but when I go there, I have already decided what I will buy.
So, I don’t usually stay there for a long time.

A few weeks ago, I went there to waste the time.
I was really surprised because there was much reasonable stuff there.

You can buy cups, drinks, candies, and…etc.
And one most surprising thing was that you could buy a can of samma for one hundred yen.
It was a big surprise for me….
One samma can was one hundred yen!!!!

And I LOVE samma.

They have many flavors of samma cans.
For example, cooked with miso, cooked with grated radish, grilled with sweet sauce, and so on.
I wanted to buy them for lunch box but I had to go to Nagoya afterwards, so I didn’t buy at that time.

A few days ago, I went to one-coin shop to buy samma cans.
I bought 6 cans. Of course, I will eat them for lunch!!!


I saw ‘Guys and Dolls’.
It is a musical. I knew the title but I have never seen that musical before.
The story is a kind of ‘a boy meets a girl’.

If you want to know the story, please look at this website.

Uchi-kun who is belonged to Journey’s.
He acted ‘Sky’ who is a main cast in this musical.

My friend, Tsuru-chan, and I talked about him, and we said, “He is tall, good looking, and has long legs. Why doesn’t he seem ‘cool?’.

He is really cool but he doesn’t seem cool.
We compared with Uchi-kun and Nishikiori-kun.
Nishikiori-kun is not tall, not so good looking.
He is not young like Uchi-kun.
Everyone thinks Uchi-kun is better looking than Nishikiori-kun.
But when they danced together, Nishikiori-kun is cooler than Uchi-kun.
We said it was a miracle.
We never know the reason why.

Anyway, looking at this musical was a big fun.
It is because I didn’t feel sleepy while I saw the musical…


At Nagoya, I had about one hour until I would meet my friend.
I walked along an underground mall.
Some of them were cute and some of them were … strange.

Nagoya is not so far from Osaka, but the different culture has developed in that area.