There is a Russian restaurant close to my office.
That restaurant is spoken well of people, so I wanted to go there.
Unfortunately, they don’t open for dinner time because they will open anther restaurant and they are very busy for lady of opening the new one.

But I wanted to eat Russian food.

I forgot when I had been to there but a few months ago, I went to eat Russian food.
That restaurant was located close to Kitano Area but it was very hard to find.
However, that restaurant was crowded.
I was a little surprised.
I wanted to know how they had found the restaurant.

What is your image of Russian food?
I only know borscht and piroshki.
And another image is, of course, PARNASSE!!!
Unfortunately there is no PARNASSE anymore…

They have some lunch menu and I ordered borscht and piroshiki.
The meat of borscht was tender.
Its size was very big. They brought two piroshikis but I couldn’t eat all of them.
The piroshikis were good but a little oily for me.

Anyway, it was raining and very cold, so their borscht made me warm.

While I wrote this blog, I wanted to eat borscht again.
I have to looking for Russian restaurant soon…




There is a café close to the Keihan Railway Kyobashi Sation.
That is a British style café.
I have been there before once.
They have good cakes and good tea, but that café permitted smoking, so I didn’t like that café.

A few weeks ago, I visited there again.
That café still permitted smoking, but there was no one who was smoking.

These are cakes and teas.
Their cake is very big and delicious.
They aren’t delicate taste like Japanese cakes, but it is like a king of cake.
Of course, interiors of the café are really cute.
I haven’t been England before but I feel like I am in England.
An interesting thing is that a waiter and patissier are middle aged men.
I mean they are ‘ossan’.
You can see the same types of guys at Yodo horse races.
I thought ‘that’s Kyobashi’.

Anyway, that is a good café.
If you have time, please visit there.




This is my third recommendation of Happy Hour.
Lately, I often go to this ramen restaurant.
Their Happy Hour Set Menu is including half size ramen, gyoza, edamame, and beer.
The price is only 980yen.
I like their ramen.
It is hakata-ramen; their soup is made with pork bone and chicken.
First, they serve edamame and beer, second they bring gyoza, and after we drank up, they cook ramen.
Those timings are excellent!!!

Only one bad thing is that the size of beer is a little small.
They say it is a middle size jug but I think it is smaller..

Anyway, I often go there.
I probably go to tomorrow again!

The price of Happy Time Menu 980yen










Aburachan works at the same office of mine.
His desk is close to my desk, so, if he sleeps, I can hear his snore.

He is one of readers of my blog.
I also read his blog.
So we are blog friend!!

A couple of weeks ago, he brought me to eat dinner!!!
He is a good guy!!!
We went to eat Okonomiyaki.
That Okonomiyaki restaurant is located close to my office.

I haven't been to that restaurant before, but surprisingly, that restaurant is located next to the Karaoke shop where I often go to.

Their Okonomiyaki was .... good, but it is not my image of okonomiyaki.
I ordered Cheese Okonomi. Eating cheese Okonomiyaki with beer was very good!!!
Of course we ordered and eat many foods.
A good thing is that he drinks beer as much as I drink.
He drank one jug of beer and two glasses of Shochu and I drank one jug of beer and one glass of Chu-Hi and one glass of some kind of flavor alcohol.

We talked about our co-workers and our jobs.
He listened to me a lot and gave me good advices.
I haven't known his family, but he introduced his family and his story gave me ease.

We stayed there until 10:00P.M.
He lives in Himeji, so he needs long time to get back to his home.

I don't know why, but all of his friends are very good guys.
Microman and Swimmer are his good friends.
I think I am lucky.
Lately, I have been very busy.
I have been working about or more than 10 hours a day. My boss is always angry at me because I do extra work. He says I shouldn’t do extra work but he still gives me many many jobs.
I don’t what I can do.
So, I sometimes (often) think I want to quit my job.
When I feel bad and have too much stresses, I want to push some guys who are very noisy to on railway.

When I felt like that, he asked me to eat Okonomiyaki.
I thought I could work a little bit more.
I don't know what is waiting for me on the next day.
But I think about my good co-workers and cheer up by myself.



The reason we visited Kyushu was going to a concert.
When I asked Tsuru-chan, she said she would like to go to Kyushu.
So we decided going to Kyushu.

We got on a shuttle bus and went to the hall.
The hall was pretty small. It was a really good size to see a concert.
I have nothing to say about the concert, because I know my readers aren't interested in this topic.
Anyway, we sew a fancy concert and left there around 6:30P.M.

We walked to the Beppu Station and ate ramen close to the station.
I had to go to work next day, so I took the last train and got back to Osaka.
I wanted to drink something on the Shinkansen but I couldn’t buy.
It was too late to drink beer.

Tsuru-chan got on a midnight bas.
She also had to go to work but she couldn't get back to Nagoya by the last Shinkansen.

Of course, I was really tired.
I think Tsuru-chan was very tired, too.
I thought I wasn't young anymore.

Anyway, we will visit somewhere to see a concert sometime.


We didn't eat lunch because we ate too much breakfast and snacks.

After we visited some hells, we tried to visit another hell.
We looked at a map, and we thought that hell didn't seem .too far from our hotel.
We headed to that hell.
The road was really steep, and we got really tired.
When we hit the big road, we found a sign. It said that hell was about 2kilometers from that point.
It was too far than we expected.
We gave up going to the hell and got back to the town.
We bought some souvenirs and took a foot bath.
It was really really comfortable.

And finally, we left town and headed to a concert hall.





So called because this jigoku looks like the sea. Which emerged after an explosion of a volcano 1200year ago and because the color of the boiling water of the pond is cobalt-blue.






This jigoku derives its name from the fact that it used to be used for cooking foods long long ago. The great red demon (Aka-Oni) standing on an enormous cooking pot is the symbol of this jigoku.

What is this white matter?
This white matter is composed of Sio2 and hot spring precipitation.
It is estimated that it takes over 70years to produce such white matter and this same white material is found around the pond. This white matter around the pond is the matter that was cut off.



YAMA JIGOKU (Mountain Hell)
You can see a mountain of mud naturally formed by the continuous eruption of this jigoku over the years. There are also many exotic animals that are comfortably living here because of the utilization of the hot spring heat.




Our hotel was located in center of hell….
Oh, dangerous.
Hot springs areas sometimes are called ‘hell’, and the hell in Beppu is very famous.

We stopped at each hell and looked around those hells.

There were signs written in English at each hell, so I want to introduce them.

The hells were very interesting.
Some hells had some animals.
They used hot springs to keep hot temperature, so they had crocodiles or fishes lived in hot area like Amazon.
Tsuru-chan fed an elephant. She seemed really happy.

They also had steamed foods.
We ate pudding there.

The White Pond Hell is so called for its blue white colored boiling water. When the water spouts from the ground it is colorless and transparent, but as time passes it turns blue-white.


The force of the steam is so strong here that about one and a half train cars can be pulled by its pressure, and it creates ideal conditions for breeding crocodiles.





On the 7th, of course, we took a bath, of course.
This time, we took another bath. It was open air bath and we could use it only us.
It was a heaven.
Can you expect how happy we were?

Afterwards, we ate breakfast and looked around this area.
When we left the hotel, they gave us a towel.
Tsuru-chan asked me why they had given us a towel.
Hotels usually give us towels when we arrived at hotels.
I said it was because we could use the towel when we went to a foot bath.
Tsuru-chan agreed me.












鶏のてんぷら 好吃


These are our special dinner.
It was the best dinner I have eaten before.
I mean, of course, if you pay more money, you can eat better one.
But the price is only 14500yen including this dinner, the next morning breakfast and stay.

Tsuru-chan booked 'Seki-Aji dinner'.
Seki-Aji is very famous around this area.
According to Tsuru-chan, their beef was also good.
She said it was a good meat and they had cooked very well.
Unfortunately, I don’t like beef, so I couldn’t eat a whole meat.
A serving lady asked me it was OK if I had not finished all meat several times.

Their Chu-high was also really good.
Have you ever drunk Chu-High before?
I think it is easy to make Chu-High, but making good Chu-High is really difficult.
But their Chu-High was very good.
The percentages of Shochu, carbonated water was perfect.
It was the best Chu-High I have ever drunk.

I want to go to that Ryokan one more time….


The Hotel Banrikiya was a very good hotel.
They have only 7 rooms, so it is a very small hotel.
A room we stayed at was not new, but their dinner and baths were special.

After we got there, we rested at a room and then went to bath.
It was a chartered bath. So Tsuru-chan and I could use only for two people.
It was very very comfortable.
The water was really good.
I have never taken such a comfortable bath before.
I was very very happy.



They are very friendly, but they don’t listen to us…
They only talk about the things that they just want to talk to.
It sometimes annoyed me.
The worst person was a taxi driver who brought us from the Beppu Station to the hotel….

We said taxi driver to go to the hotel, Banrikiya, but he didn’t know that hotel…
I showed a map, but he said he couldn’t see such small letters.
And finally, he lectured us the names of the roads he was just driving.
Even if he told us the names of the roads, we had never heard those names.
But he still lectured.
Tsuru-chan told him how to get to the hotel, but he didn’t listen to her.
Finally, he dropped us at just on a road.
I don’t know why he works as a taxi driver…



Do you know where Fukuzawa Yukichi had been born in?
He was born in Osaka, and then moved to Nakatsu.
So, he is a super hero in this area.

We visited Fukuzawa Yukichi house and his museum.
His house was pretty big. It seemed very comfortable.
At the museum, I could see his history.
It was very interesting.
I thought I had to learn about Japanese history…


Afterwards, we went to see Nakatsu Castle.
It was built close to coast, so it is called ‘water castle’.
According to the taxi driver, this castle is owned by one person.
I mean it is not owned by Japan or Nakatsu City.
It is very interesting, isn’t it?

We got back to the Nakatsu Sation, got on Sonic again, and headed to a hotel in Beppu.


We got on the taxi again and headed to the Nakatsu Station.
Before arriving at the station, we stopped at a few spots.

First, we visited a cosmos garden.
There were millions of cosmos there and very very beautiful.

According to the taxi driver, the cosmos festival had been held in this area.
The festival has done but there were still beautiful cosmos.

The garden brought me back to a girl’s mind.




We got on the taxi again and went to Shin-Yaba-Kei.
This area is very famous of autumn color.

This area is also famous of yam, so we ate yam-soba there.

Their soba was really short but the taste was really good.
I wanted to eat it one more time….

After lunch, we walked around this area.
It was a little early for looking at autumn color but we enjoyed walking.
The mountain was very steep and rough.
It was not like a hiking. It was a rock climbing.
It was really interesting for us.




Afterwards, we visited the Rakan Temple.
We got on a lift and headed to halfway up a mountain.
It is said that about 1300years ago, Houdou Sennin, who was from India, opened this temple.
There are 3770 stone Buddhist images in this temple.
This temple was built along a mountain, so the mountain surface used as a wall of the temple.
This temple is completely different from temples in Kyoto.
I mean, the temples in Kyoto are artificial.
Of course, the Rakan Temple was made by people but this temple seems like a part of nature.
I was struck by this temple.

We looked around inside of the temple.
It was like a labyrinth. We could see many stone Buddhist images there.

It was really beautiful day.
We could see very beautiful read colored leaves in their garden.






Yabakei is located on the north of Ooita prefecture.
This area is famous of autumn color.

There is not enough transportation system, so we got on a taxi and headed to Aono-Doumon.
This area is very famous of a beautiful view and a cave.
It is said that a monk had dug this cave only using a chisel.
It was because this area was very famous but very dangerous, so many people died around this area.
That monk thought to make a safety road for people.
It is about 250years ago.
I can’t expect how hard to dig and how many years he needed to complete this cave.



KYUSHU -11/6-1-


Tsuru-chan and I went to Kyushu on November 6th and 7th.

I got on the Shinkansen around 8:30A.M.

Tsuru-chan lives in Nagoya, so when I got on the Shinkansen, she has already had a seat.

On the Shinkansen, we just talked.
The biggest difference between Tsuru-chan and Kiyomi-chan, both of them are my friends, is that Kiyomi-chan always drinks something on trains but Tsuru-chan doesn’t drink.
Anyway, I like both of them.

We changed trains at the Kokura Station.
The next train is called ‘Sonic’.
JR Kyushu has all different kinds of train and Sonic is one of them.

It was really cool!!!
It seems like a space ship.

We wanted to eat something on the train but we didn’t have enough time.
They had a special lunch box and you can buy it only on Sonic.
I wanted to eat it, so I was disappointed.

We arrived at Nakatsu around noon.
That day’s plan was visiting Yabakei.


After lunch, I joined a tour of going to pottery manufacture.

There are many pottery manufactures in this area.
This tour visited one of them.

It was very interesting.

I sometimes see these kinds of manufacture on TV but it was the first time to see an artist making pottery.
He made potteries very fast and it seemed really easy.
But I know it was not easy.
I have never tried to make pottery but I can expect how difficult it is.

He had three kilns.
One fuel of kilns was wood, one fuel of kilns was gas, and the other one was election.

The wood one is a traditional style and it is very famous in this area.

The kiln was built along a slope of mountain.
So, this kiln works as a kiln and a chimney pipe.
Unfortunately, artists don’t use this type of kiln because they need lots of time and lots of powers and lots of cost to use it.

We stayed there about an hour, visited another pottery manufacture, and got back to the museum.

I enjoyed a lot there.
If you are interested in pottery, I strongly recommend you to visit this area.
You definitely enjoy visiting.





I ate lunch at the museum.
There is a good restaurant there and I have been the restaurant before.

This time, I didn’t want to go there because it is always crowded and a little expensive.
I wanted to bring lunch box but I forgot it.

So, I ate lunch there.

It was a little crowded.

These are dished I ate.
They have good vegetables and their lunch wasn’t bad.




350 years of Japanese Porcelain Exports to Europe Ko-Imari in Paris : Enchanting Beauty


I went to The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, again.

I has held ‘350 years of Japanese Porcelain Exports to Europe Ko-Imari in Paris : Enchanting Beauty’.

In 17th Century, Japan exported Japanese ceramics to Europe.
Before that, China exported their ceramics, but while China was confused in the country, and The Europe let Japan make ceramics.

So, Japanese ceramics copied Chinese ceramics.

European people thought Japan had enough technique, so they decided importing Japanese ceramics.

This exhibition introduced those ceramics.

The Japanese ceramics are very beautiful.
They are not only tableware but also art.
I think after Japan started to export the ceramics, their techniques have been developed.
The early works aren’t so beautiful but their works has been getting better and better.

You can see some metals.
Those metals were put on the ceramics which Japan exported in Europe.
Europe had high level technique to process metals.
It is very interesting.

I stayed there for about two hours.
Ceramics always make me happy…








Double-Tooth-chan worked at my office until this June.
The reason of leaving her office was one of her co-workers.
That co-worker has a very strange behavior.
So, some of her co-workers left her office because of her behavior.
She is very strong woman.
I know she is not a bad woman but she doesn’t know the minds of people.

Anyway, Doubl-Tooch-chan and I are good friends.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6:30P.M. and we left there around 10:30P.M.

Of course, we chatted.
We talked about our co-workers and her family and our latest daily lives.
I really enjoyed talking to her.

She sometimes goes to Manyouken with her husband, but he eats really fast, so she said she had never stayed there such long time.

We promised to see again. Next time we will go to eat a Japanese food.









These are dishes we ate.

We ordered 10500yen course.

My favorite one is Escargots.
They used white colored sauce. It is very creamy.
After I ate ‘escargots’, I dipped the sauce on bread.
Their bread is also really good.
Since I went to France, I couldn’t find good bread, but their bread is very delicious.

Another recommendation of mine is ‘steamed and grilled ‘A matsutake mushroom and the shrimp’.
I could feel ‘autumn’ by this food.
Of course, the smell of the matsutake is…. … I was really happy to eat such a delicious food!!!!!

A strange one is ‘The potage of the chestnut’.
Of course, it brought me autumn, too. 


I went to Manyouken with my Friend, Double-Tooth-chan.

Manyouken(萬養軒) seems and sounds like a Chinese restaurant, but it is a French restaurant.
According to their web sight, they are familiar with Royal Families of many countries.

It means this restaurant is very prestigious.

The entrances of restaurants in Gion area seem almost same.
So if there are no Noren(the sign of the restaurant), it is really hard to find the restaurant which you want to go to.

The inside of the restaurant doesn’t seem like a French restaurant.
There are a counter as a bar and some tables.

We could see a small garden from our seats.
Of course, they use silver cutleries.

Do you think you can’t relax in the restaurant?

Don’t worry.

They are polite but friendly.
You can stay at the restaurant comfortable.
I promise.