Meissen porcelain

Meissen porcelain is the first European ceramic.
It was born in German in 1710.
In that time, Chinese and Japanese ceramics were very valuable, and it was said that if someone invented white ceramics, that person would be able to dominate Europe.

A couple of days ago, I watched a TV program about Meissen.
I am a big fan of Meissen porcelain, so I was very exciting.

That program introduced their history and many their works.
They needed many years to make white ceramics. It was interesting for me.

The guest of the TV show was Kakiemon.
Meissen ceramic is a copy of Kakiemon, and Kakiemon exerted big influences to Meissen.

I always think how Kakiemon thinks about Meissen.

An interesting thing for me is Kakiemon has communicated with Meissen.
As I said, Meissen is a copy of Kakiemon, but I thought there was no relationship between them.

I saw many beautiful Meissen’s works on the TV program.

Now, Suntory museum in Tokyo has held Meissen.
And in 2012, that exhibition will come to Osaka.
I have to visit everyweek!!!


A week ago, Keihan Department Store has held Hokkaido Fair.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to look at the fair, but one night, just after visiting hospital to meet Swimmer, I went to the fair.
I thought they probably had a discount lunch box.

My hunched proves right.
One shop had a discount lunch box.
Its price was 1200+tax yen, but they sold this lunch box for 600yen.

Of course, I bought it.

There were many fresh sea foods, and sushi-rice was good enough.

I felt lucky and happy that I could eat this lunch box.
Visiting Hokkaido Fair at the late time makes me happy.



I went to Bon Bois again.
It is a French restaurant and I went there twice, so this time is the third visit for me.

Good points of Bon Bois are ‘inexpensive’, ‘good atmosphere’, and ‘location’.

So, if you want to relax or feel like to eat French food, choosing this restaurant is really good.

On the other hand, it is not like a traditional French food for me.
Of course, I don’t know what a traditional French food is, but it is not my image of French food, anyway.

And the worst thing for me is that I have already eaten too many high quality French foods, so I have already gotten used to eating Bone Bois’s food.
I feel really sorry about it…


Anyway, my friends enjoyed eating at Bon Bois.
I am happy about it.

Please enjoy looking at the pictures.







What (Who?) is the most famous or popular mascot character?
Mickey Mouse?
Betty Bopp?

They are very famous.

But limited in Osaka area, one of the most famous mascot characters is Okita-kun.

He is a member of morning TV show, ‘Ohayou Asahi desu’.
He is a rabbit and not so cute.

Even though, Osaka people like him and his sister, ‘Mezame-chan’.

I have seen him at Keihan Department store before.
He was surrounded by many many people.
He seemed very happy.

That Okitakin will be 30 years old.

I was really surprised.

He has a long history.
Of course, he never gets old as Sazae-san, so he is not 30 years old.

He is still very popular in Osaka.
I want to shake hand with him until he retires.


The worst-est morning…

I woke up early as usual.

I prepared to cook for my lunch.
I wanted to make rolled-egg, so I picked up salt’s jar.

I dropped the jar.
Of course, the salt in the jar spread.

I couldn’t vacuum because it was very early, so I cleaned sweep with broom.

Afterwards, I broke an egg open.

I tumbled a cup; there was the egg in that cup, and……………..

I can’t tell you anymore….

It was the worst morning in my life.
I got really tired…


I like Sara-Udon very much.
It is very difficult to explain about Sara-Udon.
It is a Chinese food, but it was born in Nagasaki, Japan.

It is made up of two parts.
One part is made with deep-fry noodles.
This noodle is thin and very crispy.

The other part is made with many kinds of vegetables and some sea foods.
Those foods are fried with mixed starch with water.

One of my Chinese teachers didn’t know Sara-Udon, but I strongly recommended it, so I think she is going to eat soon.

I ate Sara-Udon at a Chinese restaurant close to my apartment.
They usually have Sara-Udon, but this Sara-Udon is special.

According to a waitress at this restaurant, these noodles had been sent from Nagasaki.
She said these noodles have been deep-fried at this restaurant.

She was born in Nagasaki, so her friend sent these noodles from Nagasaki.

I saw this special many at the entrance of the restaurant a few days ago.
Since then, I always thought I wanted to eat this Sara-Udon.

Of course, this Sara-Udon is very good.

They serve this Sara-Udon until this February, so I have to eat it several times until the end of February.


Mr. Kimi Koishi passed away.

‘Yumeji Itoshi - Kimi Koishi’ is the best Manzai performer, I think.
Manzai performer is a Japanese style comedian.
It is usually made up of two guys.

Latest Manzai performers usually hit their partners and make laugh, but Itoshi-Koishi has never hit their partner.
They let us laugh without those kinds of performances.
They let us laugh by only their talk.

After Mr. Yumeji Itoshi passed away, Mr. Kimi Koishi never performed Manzai.
He said his partner was just his brother, ‘Yumeji Itoshi’.

Lately he sometimes talked about his experience of A-bomb.

I didn’t know that but he has been caught in the atomic bombing.

While he was working as a comedian, he has never talked about his pity, but after his brother passed away, he sometimes talked about it.

He hid his experience behind his laugh.

Mr. Katsura Beicho gave his comment to his death.
He said their performance has been gentle.

I agree.

I wish someone follow their performance and continue Kamigata Owarai.

I think I will be able to see his shows on T.V.
I will record his performances and keep them until I die.



I went to Umeno-Hana with my classmates of an etiquette school.

So, we talked about our teacher, our classmates, and some events of our school.

I have learned at that school since October ,2008, but the other guys started learning longer, so they know dirt.
It was very interesting.
Of course, we checked a waitress’s manner.
If she knows we learn etiquette, she will care about her manner, I think.

Talking with them is very interesting.
We will go to eat something again.



I went to Umeno-Hana with my friends.
Umeno-Hana is a tofu-restaurant and it is a chain restaurant.
It was the third visit for me.
The first time I visited the Kyobashi-restaurant, and the second time, I visited the Umeno-Hana in Osaka Imperial hotel.
This time, we visited Kita-Umeda restaurant and I think this restaurant’s Japanese style rooms are the best.

The foods changed a lot.
They used to serve only Tofu meal but now they also have other kinds of meal, as fried chicken.
Of course, their specialty is still Tofu.

These are the meals which we ate.
* Cheese tofu
* Bean-curd refuse
* Vegetables with dressing of a burdock and the sesame

* The sashimi of the yellowtail

* A custard-like egg and vegetable dish steamed in a cup

* Tofu salad

* A tofu dim sum

* A pumpkin croquette

* A yellowtail with Japanese radish



I don’t know how you think about those meals.
Their meals were delicious but not so special.
They are not like as a first class Japanese restaurant.
On the other hand, it is inexpensive.
The price is 5000yen include those meals and drinks.
Of course, you can drink as much as you want.
I drank one glass of Ume plum brandy, two glasses of plum wine, one glass of citrus juice, and one glass of oolong tea.
In addition to this, they gave us one can of plum-seaweed-tea-powder for gift.

It is inexpensive. Don’t you think so?


This is latest my favorite snack.
According to the web site,
It is coated with fragrant cornflakes and the chocolate of the heavy milk caramel flavor which imaged the taste of the traditional "Morinaga milk caramel"!
It is a chocolate snack with the feeling of satisfaction that a feeling of light fast appetite and a caramel melting away are delicious.

I keep this snack in my desk, and when I feel hungry, I eat it.
I can buy two for 105yen at one coin shop.

I didn’t know that, but its product has already finished.
It means Morinaga will never make this snack.
I’m really sad..
I have to buy up this snack before sold out.


Are you good at English?
I’m not.
I don’t know why I write this blog in English.

Anyway, I always look for a chance to studying English.
I try to listen to English TV shows if I have a chance.

A few days ago, I saw a TV show of Eagles.
You probably know Eagles. They were one of the most popular bands in the world.

Two of the members of Eagles gave an interview.
Of course, they spoke in English.
And I could catch what they said.
Their English was very clear.

I sometimes meet those kinds of English.
When I can understand what they say, I think my English level is not so bad.

But I can’t catch English TV news.
At that time, I am blue and I ask myself how long I have studied English.

Roma was not built in a day.

Now I try to study as much as I can.


Do you remember the time when Kansai International Airport(KIX) opened?
It was big and hot news in Osaka.
I saw many special programs about KIX. KIX was introduced as a beautiful and functional airport.
I went to see Concorde to KIX.
Many airplane and camera fans came to see Concorde.

KIX used to come alive but now it is quiet.
The number of the flights is not so many.
Hashimoto governor says one of the reasons of this problem is three-airport problem.
There are three airports in Kansai area and he says Kansai doesn’t need three airport.
I think he is right.
I know Itami airport is convenient but it is too hard to keep two airports.

Today I heard good news.
One of Taiwanese airlines is going to fly from KIX to New York.
Lately, the number of the flight has reduced, so it is very good news.
My sister lives in New York and she visits Japan once a year.
She will be able to come to Japan without transfer.
It sounds convenient.

I wish this flight becomes a good step of KIX and Kansai economic.


I have worked at a factory but about 5 years ago I transferred to a head office in Kitahama.
Since then, I bought some suits for business.
I didn’t usually wear a suit when I worked at the factory, so I spent lots of money.

Last year I bought a bespoke suit.
That was a man’s shop but I found really cute color cloth, so I wanted to be made a suit by that cloth.
And the price was not too expensive. They made one jacket and two skirts for 50000yen.

They made a good suit.
When I wear the suit, I seem smart. So, when I have to meet customers, I usually wear that suit.

Last year, that shop’s owner’s wife passed away.
I couldn’t do anything for him, so I wanted to buy something at his shop for him.
Luckily, he had good fabric, and I needed one more new suit.
So, I decided ordering a new one.
A few days ago, I received my new suit.
It was also a really good suit.
I can’t tell you how good it is, but I want to say it is a good suit.
I strongly recommend you to make a suit at his shop, if you need a new one.
He has good workers, and they have good hands.

I want to wear that new suit as soon as possible.
I have a job interview this Thursday, so I want to wear that my new suit!!!

Engel’s coefficient

What do you usually eat for dinner and for lunch?

I usually eat dinner in my apartment.
I don’t like cooking but I have to cook by myself.

However, when I cannot go back to my home early, I often eat Udon or Soba at my favorite Udon restaurant.
One bowl of Udon is about 280yen.
Their Udon and Soba are not only inexpensive but also delicious.
I really like that Udon restaurant.

I bring a lunch box for my lunch every day.
But when I don’t have cooked rice, I buy some bread at my favorite bakery.
They have ‘yesterday’s bread’.
They sell three breads for 178yen but those breads are baked one day ago.
I sometimes buy this ‘yesterday bread’.
I eat one bread for breakfast and two breads for lunch.

I like Udon dinner and yesterday-bread lunch.
I think my Engel's coefficient is very low.
It is usually said that if the Engel’s coefficient is low, its living level is high.
However, I know that my living level is NOT high.
I know the reason of my Engel’s coefficient is low is that I just buy just cheap stuff.


Do you like cooking?

I like eating but I don’t like cooking.

However, I love watching cooking TV shows.
They cook very quickly and seem delicious.
I always think I want them to be my cook.

I watched an American TV cooking show.
There are completely differences between American TV cooking show and Japanese TV cooking show.
American’s one is a ‘show’ but Japanese one is a ‘lesson’.

So, watching American cooking shows is very interesting for me.

A few days ago, I watched American cooking show.
I don’t know who she is, but she is a famous cook in U.S., and published some cooking books.

She made three meals and they were Italian meals.
One is ‘spinach and meat covered by big shell pasta’.
She put much cheese on them and grilled. They seemed very delicious.
The second one is ‘cheese stuffed chicken. It is like a stuffed cabbage.
She rolled up cheese by chicken and cooked with tomato and white wine sauce.
The last one is chocolate pudding. I don’t have to express anything about it, right?

When she cooked, she often said ‘a little’.
A little oil, a little sugar, a little cheese, and…..
But for me, they didn’t seem ‘a little’.
She always used many many something.
I think she is a good cook but if she is my cook, I will get lots of weight in a few days.

Anyway, American TV cooking show is more interesting than Japanese one.
And a good point for me is that I can learn not only cooking but also English.


A few days ago, I saw a man who looked at a ground.
I looked at him and thought what he looked at.
Then he picked up something.
It was an educational record of elementary school.
There is an elementary school near there, so I think a boy/girl dropped down that educational record.

It reminds me one accident.

When I was a kid, my family moved.
I don’t remember clearly but I think we didn’t hire professional movers.
We moved ourselves.

After we moved, someone brought us an educational record.
It was my sister’s.
My father dropped her educational record from a truck.

That guy was very kind, so after he picked up it, he brought it to us.

Afterwards, of course, we were laughing about it.
It was one of my good memories.

And I thought if the guy who picked up someone’s educational record would send the paper or not.
I hope he did.



I read ‘WOMAN’ written by Boston Teran.

It was a very interesting story and I have never read this genre.
This story is not categorized as any types of genres.

The story is about some women.

I think Eve is the main character, but her mother, her mother’s friend, and a little girl are also the main characters.

Eve is deafness but it is not important in this story.
The most important thing in this story is ‘poor’.
The story sets in 1960s and 70s of United States.
Some people are very poor and they don’t have jobs.
Some of them are junkies, and they have no way to live.
In this circumstance, Eve and the women live very strongly.
Eve lost her mother and her boy friend.
They are killed by junkies.
But she is still looking for the best way to alive.

This story gives me a power to live.

I want to read other stories of Boston Teran.


A few days ago, one of my Chinese teachers sent me an e-mail.
I felt very happy because she was my first Chinese teacher and she taught me not only Chinese but also interest of learning Chinese.
I think if she was not my first teacher, I wouldn’t continue studying Chinese like this.

I read her e-mail and then I was really shocked because her mail was a chain mail.
I don’t know how you feel ‘a chain mail’, but in Japan, this chain mail means too bad in Japan.
We sometimes call this ‘an unlucky mail’, and it means that ‘if you receive this mail, you will die’.

That’s why I was very shocked.

Why did she send me this type of e-mail???

When I received this mail, I felt a little strange.

The last time she sent me an e-mail, it was about two years ago.
After that, she never sent me an e-mail.
And in addition to this, her mail was too long for me.
She probably knows my Chinese level, so I think if she thinks about me, she will not send such a long mail.

I am very sad…

Of course, I will NOT send this mail to my friends.
I know I shouldn’t do that.

One good thing is that the mail was not an unlucky mail.
Her mail says that ‘if you send this e-mail to your friends, you will be happier’.

If you want to read and be happy, please tell me.
I will send you this e-mail.



I saw a musical ‘COCO’.
This story is about one of the most famous designers ‘COCO Chanel.’

After she sought asylum in Switzerland and then came back to Paris, she restarted design.
But her design was too old and Paris didn’t need COCO anymore.

This musical writes about her success, wrecking her life, and her desire.
She got lots of money but she never got a love.
This musical tells us what the most important thing in our lives.

A main actress is Ootori Ran.
She is perfect.
Have you ever seen her before?
I think she is born to be an actress, especially for stage, because my seat was the almost last line but I could see her expressions.

All actresses have good figures, so COCO’s designs fit them.
I thought if I wore this suit…

Even though, I felt I wanted to buy her suit…
Of course, I can’t buy because of its price….


Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death.
I always think the time pasts very quick.

I visited her grave today.
It was a very cold day today.

There is a well in her grave’s temple.
And the water is pumped up, but that pump didn’t work today. I don’t know why.
I thought the switch of the pump was off, but I couldn’t find the switch.

Then, I remembered that the temple had a tap water.
Luckily, that water worked, and I could clean up my mother’s grave.

I sometimes think about my mother. And I still think if she were still alive.

Now I can eat delicious meals.
But when she has been alive, she said she just wanted to eat ‘a chicken pot pie’ of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
When I remember her wish, I feel very sad
She didn’t say she wanted to go to the first class restaurant
She didn’t say she wanted to eat Peking duck.
She just wanted to eat a fast food meal.
I still regret that I couldn’t go to Kentucky with her.


I have already forgotten when I started to study Chinese.
I stopped studying once, but started one year ago again.

Studying Chinese is very interesting.
I can see not only Chinese culture but also Japanese culture and history.

On the other hand, studying foreign languages is very expensive.

Sometimes we have to pay about 200,000yen a year.

My Chinese lesson has almost done.

I want to continue but I need lots of money.

Now I am looking for a good and inexpensive school.

I know if I don’t study anything, I will waste a lot of time in front of TV in my apartment every night.


There are many classical buildings around Yodoyabashi area.
Some of them are designated cultural assets.
There is a chocolate shop, TIKAL by Cacao en Masse’ in one of these buildings.
I didn’t know about the chocolate shop but Swimmer knew.
He likes sweets very much but he tries not to eat sweets now, so he bought and gave me some chocolates
They are very cute, aren’t they?
They are smooth and mild.
When I eat these kinds of stuff, I feel like I am a first class lady.
But I am not.
So, I feel a little ‘Mottainai’.
Anyway, I cannot buy these chocolates by myself.
I eat one piece a day. It is good for my and for my health, right?




The Renaissance of the light has already done.
But you can see the beautiful lights along Midosuji.
If you have a chance, let's go to look at them.




Lately, you can buy many kinds of USB goods.

Some of my co-workers use electric fans in summer seasons.
It seems very convenient.

I bought two items; one is a lunch-box warmer and the other one is gloves’.

There is no microwave in my office, so I cannot eat hot lunch.

This item keeps a lunch box about 60 degrees centigrade.
It is not hot enough but I can eat warm lunch.

Have you ever had an experience that you could not type because your fingers had been too cold?
I have had many times.
These cats make my hands warm.

I have already tried these cats.
My fingers were still cold. They are not good for typing.
But my room is a little cold, so while I am watching TV, I wear these cats.
I think I need one more pair to use at my father’s house.

Tomorrow, I will bring my lunch.
I wish a lunch box warmer works well.

Les Celebrites-2-

Please look at this picture.
Les Cereblite is a very good restaurant.
Their meals are very beautiful, they use very beautiful plates and silver cutlery, and I like their services.

Why do they use this pick?
Only this pick seems very cheep; you can buy it at one coin shop.
I don’t know why…
I want to ask the manager…





Les Celebrites-1-


The year of 2011 started.
However, today’s topic is a dinner which I ate last year.

December 28th, after I finished my work, Swimmer and I went to eat dinner.
As I always say, I think he is a good guy.

It was a French restaurant, ‘Les Celebrites’.
I have been there several times and I like that restaurant.

Please look at the pictures.
They don’t seem delicious?


This is a creme brulee. A cream brulee is usually a dessert, but there is cheese in a brulee, so it was good for starter and wine.

This is ‘Crabmeat “TARABA” salad with fresh cheese mouse and caviar’.
It is very delicious.
The percentages of Taraba and fresh vegetable are perfect.
If the amount of vegetable was large, I would feel like I ate vegetable.
The vegetables let the taste of the crab become more attractive.
The sauce was a tomato-taste.
The salt of caviar added a good taste.
This dish was very deluxe..
There were caviar, salmon roe, cheese, and of course, Taraba and fresh vegetables’.
It was tres tres bone.


This dish is ‘Grilled chicken from “SHIRETOKO” flavored with herb, red onion sauce’.

We didn’t order a dinner course because there was no chicken on the dinner course menu.

It smelled very good. Of course, I could smell ‘herb’, but its own chicken smell was very very good.
The surface of chicken was crispy.
I want to eat it one more time.

The good point of this restaurant is desserts.
You can eat desserts as much as you want.
You probably expect each dessert, so I don’t write about them.
Anyway, I felt very very happy.



How is your new year's day?

I went back to my father's house, and ate Osechi, drank Sake, as usual.

It is very important for Japanese familly.

I want to read some books during these days.

Do you have any plans???