As I said it was a season of farewell party.

I went to three parties but two of them weren’t my co-works.

Why did I go to???

The reason is very easy…

My ex-co-workers asked me good izakaya.
They didn’t want to look for party room, so they asked me.

First, I just looked for a room but afterwards my ex-co-workers asked me to go to.
Of course I said yes.

Talking with my ex-co-works(Mr. I and Oily Man) reduced my stress.

I want to work with them one more time.


It is a season of personal change.
Some of co-workers leave the office.
On the other hand, some employees come to the office.

A few weeks ago, we held a farewell party.
We held it at a café because he doesn’t drink.

Of course I organized the party and we went to my favorite café.

The members were three men and two women.
One guy said that he was happy because he didn’t usually go to eat cake.
I agree.
A man usually can not go to café even if he wants to go to.

I ordered ‘afternoon tea’ as usual.
It was gorgeous and delicious.

The man who leaves the office and I sometimes talked about sweets.
He gave me much information – for example, new café, new cake, and so on.
I feel a little sad because he is my ‘sweets friend’.

I want to give him something sweets before he leaves the office.


I went to Tokyo for business trip last Wednesday and Thursday.

I have heard that Tokyo had been very dark, but it was darker than I thought.
As you probably know, Kanto area has been tried reducing electricity consumption.

I got off at Shinagawa Station around 4:30P.M.
At the station it seemed it was night.
They turned off many lights.

I went to a shopping center but I had to go out at 6:00P.M. because they closed at that time.

Many izakaya closed at 9:00P.M.

If it was not like that, I wanted to go to antique shops and look at ceramics….

I ate dinner at Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
I ate pizza there. It was not the one which I wanted to eat but the pizza was not so bad anyway…

I felt three earthquakes while I stayed in Tokyo.
I thought I was lucky that I lived in Osaka.

Ume trees

I went to see Japanese apricot flowers to Osaka castle.
There are many kinds of apricot trees there.

These are pictures.
Apricot flowers are cute and sweet.
I like cherry blossoms, but I prefer apricots.

Lately, I have been very busy, so I have no chance to see floweres.

Visiting Osaka castle gave me eases.

Ito-chan’s friend brought me there.

I want to say thank you.




This is my latest ‘Happy Set’.

One jug of beer, six jiao-zi, a plate of fried-chicken, and pepper steak.

You can choose drink. I don’t remember what kinds of they have, but I think they have some Chinese drinks.

I ate pepper stake, but you can also choose 1 from six kinds.
They have Mapo doufu, Sweet and sour pork, and one more(sorry, I don’t remember).

The price is a little expensive, 1200yen.
But it is the vest Happy Set for me, because they have fried-chicken.
Their jiao-zi smelled of pork.
It is a little stinky but I like that smell because it is made with pork.

The bad thing of their service is that they serve beer very early.
So when I eat some plates, my beer was almost empty.
I will request not to serve early next time.

Shanhai Kaku8-25 Amijimachou Miyakojimaku Osaka
Happy Set Menu 1200yen.



Kubota will open an Izakaya in the office.

They want to use it to make a communication between their each employee.

I heard it was very rare to go for drink after work with co-worker in other countries.

I was very surprised because going for drink was a very important custom for me.
We complain about our boss or our co-workers, and decrease stress.
So, we can work next day.
Drinking alcohol gives us lots of power to work hard.

Lately, we have no chance to talk with co-workers because of e-mail.

I think that’s why Kubota decided to open the Izakaya.

I can understand but I don’t want to drink in my office…

I want to know how Kubota employees feel about it.

Who made it?


This is my father's work.
It seems delicious.
He is a good cook.
Don't you think so?


My iPhone’s battery died.
The battery runs out by early evening.

I thought I would have to renew.

I checked out the iPhone site of the internet.
It said that I would have to pay about 10000yen to buy a new battery.

It is very expensive.

I like iPhone but I had to think not to use iPhone.

I have used PHS before.
It was convenient and not so expensive.

Afterwards, I browsed at the Internet again and found some shops which fixed up iPhone. They are not Apple store but I don’t care about it.

I went to one of them a few days ago.

A guy was very polite.
He needed about 30 minutes to renew a battery.

While he fixed it up, I went shopping.
When I got back to the shop, my iPhone was ready.
They price was 4300yen.

I think it is a very good service.

I want to say to Apple to do reduce a price.


TSURU-MARU came back!!!

TSURU-MARU was a symbol of Japan Airline.
But it was also the symbol of Japanese economic growth.

When I was a kid, it was one of my dreams to get on TSURU-MARU someday.

Now going to abroad is very popular in Japanese; babies go to abroad even if they don’t know!!!

Afterwards TSURU-MARU was mud because of some problems.
When JAL and JAS merged, JAL stopped using TSURU-MARU.

That TSURU-MARU came back.
Some people excited when they heard the news.

I wish their name never hit the lowest point.
Because we can say that TSRU-MARU is the Japanese symbol.


We can see American TV shows on NHK.
I sometimes see some of them and they are very interesting.
They seem very effusively for me.

A few days ago, I saw a TV show about women’s fashion.

Two guys visit a viewing audience.
This time the audience is a pianist.

Two guys look at her closet and her clothes.
They give her some advices and let her choose her favorite clothes.

Afterwards, they go shopping and buy some clothes.
First, they go to an underwear shop and measure her body sizes.
Then, they buy some clothes, make up, and cut her hair.

She doesn’t seem the same person.
She became very beautiful.

At her house, they compare her new clothes and her old clothes.

It is very funny.
I can’t believe why she wore such terrible clothes.

The last part of TV show is a fashion show.

She wears new clothes and shows her husband and family.

Their reactions are very exciting.

I roared with laughter.

I know the same type of Japanese TV show but this one is more interesting.

The good thing of this TV show is that they remake some clothes if a guest has good one.

American TV shows are not only interesting but also good for me to improve English.


Now, I’ m reading a book about ‘Rosanjin’.
Rosanjin is one of the greatest ceramicists.
It is said that you can buy a house if you have a china bowl made by Rosanjin.

I have finished a few pages and it is very interesting.

The author is Rosanjin’s friend’s son.

He writes about his boy’s days.

He said he had used a lot of stuff made by Rosanjin.

A china bowl, a dish, a tea cup, a soy sauce bottle, a chopsticks rest, etc….



This book is very interesting because there is no one who spends a life like him around me.

Afterwards, his life would change.

I don’t know this book will go somewhere but I want to enjoy reading this book.