Lately, my co-workers go for business trips many times.
They buy souvenirs at each business trip, so my section is full with sweets.

As you probably know, any Japanese places have typical Japanese souvenirs.
I think it is one of Japanese cultures.
It is very convenient and we can start to talk about a trip from a souvenir.

“Oh? Where did you go?”
“I went back to my home town.”
“Really?! How's your family?”

Like this.

These souvenirs are the ones which my co-workers brought us yesterday.

Oh.. Too many….

I feel really happy as long as I see sweets.


Last week, I bought four pieces of clothes; two jackets and two skirts.
The total price is…..dadadadada(drumroll)….about 5000yen.
OH. Very cheap!!!

Three of them were made in China and the other was made in Japan.

I showed one of the jackets to my friend.
She saw its seams and said “Good job!!!”
I think so.
The jacket was made in China.

Yesterday, I wore the skirt which made in Japan.
I saw the skirt carefully, and one part of the skirt came apart at the seams.
After I got back to my room, of course, I repaired it soon.

I thought I couldn’t say ‘made in China is bad, made in Japan is good’ anymore.

300 Years of Meissen -4-

I saw a zoo created with ceramic animals.
I knew this zoo but it was more overwhelming than I expected.

I didn’t know how workers made their expressions, their coats and their actions.
I was very impressed.
One size is about 1 meter tall, I think.
I don’t want them, but I want to see them sometimes.

This exhibition is very meaningful for me.

This exhibition comes to The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka next year.
This museum is located just in front of my company.

Unfortunately, I will move to Tokyo at that time.
I want to visit this exhibit one more time.

300 years of Meissen -3-

The third and last one which I want is ‘red dragon service.’

This ‘service’ mean is a set of dishes, like plates, cup & saucer, a coffee pot, etc.

‘Dragon’ is a kind of symbol of emperor, so only emperor’s family was permitted to use this service.

You can still buy this service, but I can see a lot of differences.

Latest dragon seems just a pattern.
But this dragon seems still alive.
One of them seems laugh and one of them seems angry.
One dragon seems happy because he can fly in the big sky freely.

I can see many humanly expressions from them.

300 Years of Meissen -2-

The second recommendation is a ‘key-shaped wine cup’.
It doesn’t seem a wine cup, but it is a wine cup, anyway.

When Friedrich August visited Meissen factory, he invited many welthy people.
It was said that he used that wine cup at that time.

There is no paint on the cup.
But a graound color, white, is completely white.
It is clear. There is no rfosted.

A grapevine winds around the cup. The shapes vine leaves are sharp and cute.

I just let out a sigh in front of the cup.

300 Years of Meissen’ -1-

I visited ‘The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo’ on Saturday.
‘300 Years of Meissen’ has been held there.
2010, Meissen celebrated the 300 anniversary of foundation.
So, we can see Meissen exhibitions here and there.

I am a big fan of Meissen, so I have seen lots of their works before.

I want to say this exhibit is the best one I have ever seen.

I have seen the same types of exhibits before.
However, conditions of this exhibition’s works were perfect.

Of course, some of them are very old, so they sometimes chipped off or broke.
But the surfaces of those works are still shining.
And the pictures on the plats seem that painters have done right now.

I wanted some of them.

The first one which I wanted was ‘chocolate cups.’
Cocoa used to be very valuable drink in Europe, so they made a special cocoa cup which had special saucer.
There is a net made with ceramic on the saucer.

The chocolate cups which this time I saw were very rare.
There are 8 nets on the tray, so people can serve 8 cups of chocolates at the same time..
I haven’t seen the same type of item before.
I really like a two-handle cup, and I also like its pattern.

I thought if Meissen made the same one, I definitely would buy it.

The reference; This is a chocolate cup.It is not the one which you can see this exhibit.

Entrance exam

It is a season of company entrance examination for high school students.

About 50% of students will enter universities, junior colleges, or other
About 18% of students will join companies.
The other students will go to ….. I don’t know.

Our company takes in several high school students every year.

The students who I see on TV are …..not so good….
They sometimes seem really silly.
Of course, I know it is page 1 of life, but I don’t want to hire those

Luckily, the students who come to our company are always good guys.
One reason is that they live in rural area.
I think students of the countries are obedient.
Of course, they sometimes play the hypocrite.
I think it is not so bad…
Everyone plays the hypocrite.

I am very excited now.
It is because I can meet fresh persons soon.


This is a souvenir.
A Chinese class student bought it in China.

Of course, this is a Japanese snack.

According to a Chinese teacher, many Japanese people buy it in China.

Ummm.. Strange….

By the way, ‘百奇’’s ping-in is ‘baiqi’.
I don’t know why ‘pocky’ is ‘baiqi’.

Anyway, I want to try this oolong tea taste pocky.


I went to ‘Uesugiya’ with my co-workers.
This Izakaya is my co-worker’s recommendation.
According to him, Uesugiya is very reasonable and dishes are really tasty.

He was right.
We paid only 3000yen each.

By the way, their ordering system is very difficult.

They didn’t bring Tsukidashi first.

They took our order first; we had to order more then one dish each; and after we ordered, they decided our Tsukidashi.
And the number of Tsukidashi is three-plate.
One plate is too big….

I think this Izakaya is really good for young boys, but it is not so good for middle-aged women…

Anyway, their dishes are tasty.
It is true.








The other day, I visited Keihan Department Store again.

This time, I tried ox tongue dishes.

Sendai is very famous for ox tongue; I don’t know why…

The name of the restaurant is Rikyu.
I heard it was a very famous restaurant.

When I got there, it was almost the time to close.

After I ordered, they started to grill ox tongue.
I had to wait for more than 10 minutes, but it was OK because their ox tongue was very tender and tasty.

I was the second customer from last.
They didn’t have any more ox tongue.
They gave me lots of Yamaimo. I really like Yamaimo, so I thought I was lucky.

They will come to Keihan Department Store this November.
I want to visit there again.


Keihan Department Store held Tohoku Fair last week.

Since Tsunami hit Tohoku area, these types of events are held at any places.

I visited Keihan several times while this event.

And this is Zunda soft cream.

Zunda is very famous pee.
I like Zunda mochi, so I tried this soft cream….


It is not so good.
I couldn’t feel any taste of Zunda.
It was just soft cream…

I was very disappointed….

I prefer Zunda mochi…

Takashimaya Department Store has held Meissen Fair.
I visited there, of course!!!
They have valuable collections.
All of them are very expensive.
Of course, they are very beautiful, sensitive, …I want to say their works are always amazing!!

Meissen has many good workers.
They have a special program to create painters.
They have an examination to enter Meissen.
I heard that examination was very tough.
Afterwards, the workers learn how to paint at Meissen school.

I thought it was very similar to Takarazuka.
Takarazuka has the special school to create musical stars.

I could see many works which painted by students.
Those works were excellent enough; I wanted to buy some of them..

A painter came to Takashimaya, so I could see her technique.
I asked her several questions.
For example, how long does she take to paint one plate?
How does she think about Kakiemon?Or

She is really young but she has a good hand.
And she is very cute.

I was really satisfied.

We usually say ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’.
But I thought my collections were better than theirs.
Of course, my ones are not expensive like them.
But I prefer mine!!
Because I feel they are my children and I really love my collections.

After I got back to my apartment, I stared at my cute, great collections.


My ones are the best!!!


By the way, what is TOKIN???

It is a word of Shogi(Japanese chess).
歩(pawn) can change more strong piece, 金.
This 金 is cold ‘TOKIN’.

But I don’t know why that restaurant name is TOKIN.
Does the owner like Shogi???

Ummm… I don’t know.



I went to TOKIN.
TOKIN is a restaurant. I think it is a kind of Chinese restaurant but it is not a typical Chinese restaurant.

I had a discount coupon, as usual, so I went there with Kiyomi-chan.

They served us Karaage and Nabe.
Both foods were really good. Especially, the soup of Nabe was amazing.
It was ‘Baitan Soup(白湯スープ). It was rich but not so strong.
After Nabe, we ate ramen with this soup.
It was…. There is no word which I can explain it…….



Their specialty is not those foods.
Their specialty is ….. BEER!!!!!!!!

It is normal beer… but its taste is not the one which we usually drink.
Bubbles are very small and delicate.
The beer is not bitter but it is very tasty.

I think the difference between their beer and normal beer is only how to pour.
I was really surprised.
I think anybody can find the difference.

It is a really good restaurant.
If you want to drink delicious beer, you should go to that restaurant.
I think your life might change.


I like Taiwan, so I often watch TV shows, which introduce Taiwan.

Almost all of them are about Taiwan foods.
There are many delicious foods in Taiwan. And I know this kind of program is very popular in Japan.

A couple of days ago, I watched a TV show about Taiwan constructions built by Japanese.

As you probably know, Taiwan was a colony of Japan.

At that time, Japan government built many constructions, and Taiwan has conserved those constructions.

Those buildings are very beautiful.
You can see European style buildings, Japanese style buildings, beautiful gardens, etc.

I felt a little strange.
I’m sure, those constructions were beautiful.
But those constructions probably remind Taiwanese a bad memory….

One of Taiwanese said that the history of a colony was, of course, tragedy, but it was one part of their history.

Many Taiwanese think those constructions a part of their cultures, and they use them still now.

Taiwanese don’t look at the bad point of their history.
They say Japanese brought them a modern culture.

Everything has both sides, a good point and a bad point.

Taiwanese look at a good point.

I want to take off my hat to Taiwanese.