We enjoyed watching those buildings but they seemed almost the same…

We bought some(many?) souvenirs around this area.
They sold many delicious foods, so we wanted to try some but we had already full…
I wanted to eat ‘Uni-Man(sea egg Chinese steamed meat bun) and oysters…

We left there around 3:00P.M. and got back to Osaka….

We ate many delicious foods in Fukuoka…
I like Fukuoka and I want to live Hakata!!

KYUSHU -1/15-4

After we ate lunch, we headed to a seaside.
I didn’t know that but the seaside was a sightseeing spot and many tourists visited there.
We could see a beautiful sea and Yamaguchi Prefecture on the opposite side.

There were many old buildings which were covered with red blocks.
We visited each building.

It is an International friendship memorial library.
Originally, it was built in 1902 and rebuilt 15 years ago.
The first floor is used as a restaurant, and 2nd and 3rd floors used for library.

It was used as a custom.
It was built in 1912.
Until early Showa era, it was used.
Now, it is used as a restroom, a cafeteria, and etc.
You can see KamnmonKaikyou from this building; it was beautiful.

It was a Moji Mitsui Club.
It was built in 1921.
When Einstein visited Moji, he stayed here.
Now, it is used for a restaurant and a museum.

KYUSHU -1/15-3-

We fell hungry.
As you probably know, this area is very famous of puffer fish.
There were some sea food restaurants and we visited one of them.

The lunch which we ate was very reasonable and delicious.
Slices of puffer fish, deep-fry puffer fish, and etc…
Please look at the picture.
They were fresh and delicious.

I like this lunch.
Only one thing which I feel sorry is that waiters and waitresses were not so good.
They were polite but not considerate persons.
As long as we don’t ask, they don’t bring tea.
They need too much time to bring the tea.
The tea is poured with scraped tea leaves.
Ummm. terrible.

I like their lunch.
I don’t think I don’t like the waiters and waitresses.
But I cannot recommend you to visit that restaurant…

KYUSHU -1/15-2-

We arrived at Moji-Ko Station around 11:00A.M.

Moji-Ko area is called ‘retro town area’.
There are many buildings which were built in Taisho era.
Moji-ko Station was built in 1914. It was designated as an important cultural property.

We visited ‘Kyushu Train Museum’.
You can learn a history of trains in Kyushu.
They show some trains, a locomotive, a diesel, and so on.
I have gotten on some of them. They made me feeding back to my youth.


We really enjoyed this museum.
We talked about trips when we were kids.
We had the same memories, for example, we wanted to drink ‘tea’ which was sold in the train.
We said Father and Mother had never bought the tea in the train because Parents brought tea pots!!!





We visited NTT museum.
We could see old type’s telephones.
We have seen some of them in TV or films but we have never used.
But we used some of them when we were kids.
Watching those telephones was very interesting.
A man explained about some exhibits.
I know it is a NTT building but I think it was lucky to look at them for free.







KYUSHU -1/15-1-

On the 15th.

The hotel which we stayed at had good services.
For example, they have several kinds of shampoo, and we can choose a maker of shampoo.
They have bath salts, drip coffee, and ….

In each room, they prepared jasmine tea.
It blooms in the water; it is very beautiful.
The taste is not so good, but I like this type of service.

We ate breakfast at the hotel.
A catering delivered a lunch(breakfast?) box.
It was only 300yen!!!
It was very reasonable.
The hotel has a microwave, so I heated it in the microwave.

The plan of the day was visiting Moji, so we headed to Hakata Station.
First, we were going to get on a subway, but we could see many buses to Hakata Station, so we got on a bus.
We arrived at Hakata Station.
I was really surprised because the fee of the bus was only a hundred yen.
I think Hakata is a good place.



After we enjoyed Mizudaki, we walked along a river.
We ate too much, so as long as we didn’t reduce the stuff in our stomach, we wouldn’t sleep.

There were many food stalls along the river.
The food stalls in Hakata are very famous.
But those stalls weren’t my image.
My image of the stalls is…

A middle-aged man, who seems really tired of his life, sits on a dirty stool.
He sips a glass of sake and munches Oden, and says, ‘one more’.

But the stalls seem only for tourists.
I was disappointed….

We went to CANAL CITY. Almost all of the shops have already closed, it was late, but Moomin shop still opened.
They sold very cute goods, bags, pasta, cookies, T-shuts, etc.
My favorite one is Hattifattener tongs(ニョロニョロのトング).
I think it is a really good idea.
We bought a couple of things there, and then went back to the hotel.


KYUSHU -1/14-7-


I will tell you ‘how to enjoy Hakata Mizudaki’.

First, you should taste a soup.
A restaurant give you a small cup for tasting, so you put salt a little, and pour a soup in the cup.

According to the waitress, you should eat each food at each time.

First, you put chicken meat balls into the nabe, and eat.
After eat them, you should eat chicken meat.
And then, tofu, vegetables.
So, you can find the differences between each soup.

I really like chicken, but I didn’t like Mizudaki.
But this Mizudaki was special…
The soup of the Mizudaki is like a soup of ramen.
Now, I want to eat Mizudaki and ramen!!!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

After you eat every foods…Zousui is waiting for you.
At that restaurant, the waitress cooked Zousui.
She put cooked rice in the soup, cooked, put beaten raw egg on it!!!
Please look at the picture and imagine how the taste is like!!!

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
I love Hakata and Hakata food!!





KYUSHU -1/14-6-


We checked in and told our situations at the Hotel.
A lady recommended a good Mizudaki restaurant.
The restaurant was not so far from the hotel, about 5 minutes on foot.

After we relaxed a little at the hotel, we headed to the restaurant.

It was a really good restaurant, and their services were excellent!!!

By the way, I have to tell you ‘what Mizdaki is’.

Mizudaki is a kind of nabe.

Nabe is a very popular menu in Japan.
The image of nabe is very close to barbecue, but not eat at outside.
A family or some friends gather around a nabe.
A nabe is an item for cooking.
We put a soup in a nabe, and stew some vegetables and meat.

Mizudaki usually uses chicken.
After boil a soup, we put chicken, tofu, and some vegetables in the nabe.
I often ate Mizudaki at my home when I was a kid.

A soup of Mizudaki is usually made with seaweed, but Hakata Mizudaki is completely different.

The color of a soup is white. It is a chicken soup.
Please look at the picture!!!
Doesn’t it seem delicious????
Oh, my mouth remembered it taste!!!
It was a reach taste soup!!



KYUSHU -1/14-5-

After we watched ‘Shock’, we had enough time until dinner.
We walked around a local shopping street.
We stopped at some shops, bought some gifts to our each co-worker.

We hit a shrine.
It was called ‘Kushida Jinja’.
We didn’t know what it was, but we prayed anyway.

We headed to a hotel…
But we lost a way…
While we were walking, we got hungry.
So, we decided eating dinner first.

Before I visited Hakata, I asked my co-worker in Hakata a good meal in Hakata.
He advised me to eat ‘Mizudaki’.
He introduced to us one of Mizudaki restaurant. The restaurant was not so far from our point, so we headed to the Mizudaki restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was full.
We called some Mizudaki restaurants in front of the restaurant, but all of the restaurants were full.

We were really disappointed.
We headed to the hotel anyway.

KYUSHU -1/14-4-


Hakata-za is a really good theater!!!
They sell many kinds of lunch boxes. All of them seem very delicious and inexpensive.
Tsuru-chan and I regret that we had eaten tongue stew.
We said that next time if we had a chance to come to Hakata-za, we definitely would eat these lunch boxes.

I watch ‘Shock’ many times.
I think the ‘Shock’ this time I watched is the best.
It is very difficult to explain ‘why’.
But Tsuru-chan has the same impression.
One reason is Doumoto Kouichi’s singing skill was up.
We said he had taken a special lesson of singing.
Another reason is a heroine was a new cast this time, and she could sing better than former heroine.
We know there were other reasons.
But we didn’t know what they were.

KYUSHU -1/14-3-

We went to the basement, afterwards.
There were a wine shop, a sho-chu(焼酎) shop, a Japanese tea leaf shop, an organic food shop, a bakery, etc.

All of them sold good ones.
We looked at each shop.
At the wine shop, you can drink a glass of wine.
Oh, wonderful!!!
We wanted to try, but we knew we had to see a musical, so we gave up drinking it...

A shop sold furniture and kitchen goods.
I really like that shop. They sold very cute goods!!!
I found a cute beer glass. I wanted it but I’ve already had many beer glasses, and my mouth is only one!!!
I showed that glass to Tsuru-chan. I also loved it. But the box of the glass was too big, so she didn’t buy it.

And the main event!!!
We went to see ‘Shock’ to Hakata-Za.


We met at Riverain close to Kawabata-Nakasu station.

Riverain is a name of building. There are many shops in the building.
They sold many delicious foods, so we wanted to look around there.

But we decided eating lunch anyway.
The restaurant floor was located on the fifth floor.

We couldn’t see any local food, so we ate ‘tongue stew’.
Its taste was not so bad, but we couldn't be satisfied with its volume.
After we ate lunch, we looked around each floor.

Furniture was sold on the 4th and 3rd floors.
They had many types of furniture, for example, a Japanese traditional style, a Japanese modern style, import furniture, and antique furniture.

The antique furniture was really cute, and not so expensive.
Addition to this, they didn’t seem antique.
That shop has many good hand craftsmen, I think.

Shop clerks were very polite.
I think they knew we wouldn’t buy furniture, but they explained gentle.
I thought if I bought furniture, I would like to buy at this shop.



KYUSHU -1/14-1-

What is the hottest Shinkan-sen?
Of course, Sakura!!!

I had a chance to get on Sakura this weekend.

On the 14th, I got on Sakura to go to Hakata.

I was really happy because my co-worker said Sakaura was very comfortable.

He was right!!!

The seats of Sakura are really wide and good design.
It reduces our tiredness.

The bad thing is that there are many tunnels between Shin-Osaka and Hakata, so we can’t see outside well. It is boring.

Anyway, I enjoyed Shinkansen and arrived at Hakata soon.

At Hakata, my friend, Tsuru-chan, waited for me.



PEACH is the first genuine LCC (low cost carrier) based in Japan.
It is a good business for us.
We have a lot of choices to take a flight.

PEACH is really cute.
Their image color is pink. So, cabin attendant uniforms and the body of airplane are pink.
This color brings me to PEACH.

Today, they announced some new flights.
One of them is Osaka to Taipei.
As I always say, I love Taiwan, so the news made me happy.
I have already imagined the day when I got on PEACH and flied to Taipei.

I am sure I will take PEACH soon.


As I always say, my favorite food is ‘chicken’.
I eat chicken 7 times a week!!!
I love Yakitori(char-broiled chicken), KARAAGE(FRID CHICKEN), SAMGETAN, ETC.
I love any cooked chickens.

A couple of days ago, I went to eat chicken. That restaurant isn’t a ‘chicken restaurant’ but they have really good chicken.

I ate Nikumiso-Kyuri(blended chicken and miso, and sliced cucumber), chicken sauté, and fried chicken.
All of dishes were made with chicken!!!
Those foods were really good for beer.

A cook; he seemed really young; said he used to work at a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.
I think he got a lot of skills and manners at that restaurant.

The cook was really friendly.
He lived in Nagasaki. I really like Kyushu and Nagasaki, so we talked a lot about Nagasaki people, Nagasaki cultures, and Nagasaki foods.

When I left there I bought Nikumiso.
I think it is really good for sake!!!

I promised him to visit his restaurant sometime.






Last month, the last day of my work, Swimmer and I went to eat Sushi in Hotel Nikko, Osaka.

They have good, fresh, and rare fish.

First, we ate some slices of fish(Otsukuri), and afterwards, we ate sushi.
Their sushis are always really good, so we enjoyed a lot.

By the way, lately, I don’t write about Simmer.

Because his ill is not so good.
He had operations several times, but all of his cancer did not remove.
He takes life-support measures now.
A doctor said that there was no way to reduce his cancer.

I don’t know his feelings, but I feel really sorry.

He doesn’t smoke, drink, and he loves exercises, but he has cancer.

My father loves smoking, doesn’t like exercise, but he is 83 years old, and seems really fine.
I think we have to eat what we like.

Anyway, their sushi was really good.
But waitress was …..

I ordered a glass of sake, but she brought me a bottle(徳利) of sake.
Swimmer didn’t order beer, but she brought a glass of beer.
I don’t know why she brought them.

My feeling is really complex.
I want him to live as long as he can.










I went to antique fair at Takaraduka Hotel.
That fair is very popular but I haven't visited that fair before.

I sometimes go to antique fairs but almost all of them are too big.
So, I get tired soon before I look at all shops.
The antique fair in Takaraduka was not so big.
The number of the shops is about 20.
However all of the shops have high quality goods.

First, I saw a Japanese antique shop.
There were no price cards.
I felt like I visited Sushi restaurant.
A shops clerk asked me which one I liked.
I pointed at a plate and said I liked that.
He said it was the most expensive one.
It was 3 million yen!!!
No way!!!
I cannot count the number of zeros.
I asked him some questions about the plate.
I wanted to know why the plate was too expensive.
After I listened to his explanation, I could understand a little.
But, of course, I didn’t buy it.

Afterwards I looked at other shops.
Another shop sold beautiful goods made with glass.
Some of them were really expensive but some of them were reasonable.
I found a cute………. Ummmm…… I don't know what it was.
But I really like it.

And another shop had a wonderful cup and saucer.
It was produced by Sèvres.
I can say Sèvres is the king of ceramic makers.

I don't have any words which I explain it.
The base color was blue.
The blue is a Sèvres color.
It is deep and no fogginess.
And a woman and an Angel were painted on the cup.
Those paintings were excellent.
I couldn’t see any brushstrokes.
I have not seen such a high quality cup so far.
Of course, there were many wonderful decorations on the cup and saucer.
I really wanted to get it.
I looked at it more than 10 minutes but I didn’t buy.
To buy it, I have to earn money and do not eat any thing.

By the way, we drank a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice for free.
I haven’t been gotten that kind of service before at antique fairs.
I thought the antique fair which the hotel held was really good.

I bought one…..Ummm I don’t know what it is….
It is really cute, isn’t it??


About half year ago, I went to see teddy bears to Keihan Department Store.
There, I met a really cute doll.
I fall in love with her soon, but she was very expensive.
I looked at a tag, and it said that the doll was made by a doll artist in U.S.

Afterwards, I got back to my apartment and looked for it on the internet.

I found her on the American internet site.
The price was almost half but it has already sold out.

Since then, I sometimes look for the doll.
I cannot find the same one but the dolls which the same artist makes are really cute, too.

I looked at her doll yesterday, and I found a cute Banbi Waterball on the same page.

It was about $19.

I thought I probably could buy it in Japan.
So, I looked at the Japanese internet site.
I found it soon, but the price was…..
About 12000yen!!!
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I compared two sites several times.
I was not wrong…

How much is shipping????

I thought I import Banbi Waterballs and might sell them in Japan…


How's your New Year's day?
I visited my father, as usual, went to Subawara-Jinja, and read a book.
That book was interesting but very diffifult for me.
I want to introduce that book someday.

Anyway, I am really happy that I can spend usual New Year's days!