Yesterday, I met my old friends.
We meet once a year.
We always go to eat something special but this year we went to see cherry blossoms.
In the morning, it was raining but when we met at Kyobshi Station, the rain stopped.

We bought some foods at Keihan mall.
They sold many foods and all of them seemed very delicious.
We looked around the food floor and stopped at some stores.
We need for an hour to choose our lunch.
Can you believe this???


We headed toward Nishinomaru-garden, Osaka Castel.
On the way to the garden, many people already started eating and drinking under the cherry trees.
The cherry blossoms were very beautiful and cute.
I enjoyed looking at cute flowers until arrived at Nishinomaru-garden.

My image of Nishinomaru-garden was not so good.
When I visited, too many people gathered there.
It was very noisy. And we had to wait to use a bathroom for about 20 minutes…

This time, it was not so crowded.
We took enough space for lunch.

I thought it was a little late for cherry blossoms but it wasn’t.
I still could see many beautiful flowers.


These are the lunch which we ate.
They seem really delicious, don’t they???
My friends talked a lot.
They talked about their daily lives, especially their families.
I don’t have a husband and a child, so their talks were very interesting.

The lunch was really delicious.
I don’t know why but eating at outside makes foods delicious.

When we realized, it was already the time for close of the garden.
While we stayed there many flower pedals were gone.
It seemed like snow.

We wanted to talk more, so we went to a restaurant, ate and talked there.

By the way, we were classmates when we were junior high school students.
One of them showed us an invitation card of our school.
Afterwards, we talked about our school days.
We talked about our teacher and our friends.
It was really hard to remember their names. I think I got old..
Anyway, we had a really good time.

I wish I can meet them next year.

You probably have a book which you want to read one more time.

You read that book when you were kids.
You have already forgotten an outline but you could image its story.
However, that book already was out of print and there is no way to read it.

My ‘that’ book is ‘回転木馬(a merry-go-round)’ written by Ooya Chiki.

I read it when I was….. an elementary school or junior high school student.
The story made me gloomy, but all of the characters were very fascinating.

I read it on a comic magazine(りぼん).
I thought it would republish afterward, but the author didn’t accept to republish because she didn’t like unhappy story.

I sometimes looked for its information.
Many her fans desired republishing it.

Of course, I voted it on FUKKANN.COM.
But the author didn’t accept..

Lately, it printed!!!
I don’t know why… but I am really happy!!
Of course, I ordered.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I went to see a musical, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It is one of the most famous stories.

A main actor was Ishimaru Kanji.
He used to be a member of Gekidanshiki.
Several years ago, he left Shiki, and now he works as a actor and a singer on many stages.

The musical was more interesting than I expected.
Mr. Ishimaru used to be a typical matinee idol, so I was worried if he would act Hyde well or not.
However, he acted really well.
As you know, Jekyll is smart and Hyde is crazy murdered.
He had to change those two characters in a few seconds.
My image of Ishimaru is Jekyll but his Hyde was not so bad.

I have seen ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ several times, and his action was good.

I saw the musical on the third floor.
But I could enjoy enough.

Chinese book

My Chinese teacher published a book.
It was written for business persons who have to speak Chinese.
Of course, I read this book.
It is good for me to review my Chinese.

She teaches Chinese, but her specialty is not teaching.
She researches how many times each Chinese word uses on any books or any newspapers, etc.

I am proud of her because she is really smart and kind.

I am really happy and lucky that I can learn from such a good teacher.


I ate ‘ice fish and sea lettuce Udon’ at Kineya.
It was really delicious!!!.

I felt I ate ocean.
I imaged deep, green, lerge, beautiful ocean.
Tempura is crispy and sea lettuce smells as the sea.
There are some clams in the Udon.
So, I can call it 'sea food Udon'.
It is a limited menu.
I have to eat it one more time before this menu leaves from Kineya.


It is a cherry blossom season.
Swimmer and I went to eat ‘Cherry Blossom dinner’ to Nadaman.

Now they have a special Cherry Blossom menu.

All of them were not only delicious but also beautiful.
Don’t you think so???

By the way, I didn't talk about Swimmer lately.
His health is not so good lately.
He says he feels pain a lot.
He takes strong medicines now.
He doesn’t seem so bad, but his body is …….

I want he is alive as long as I wish.







Some doctors and massagers say I have poor circulation.
I thought a cause of terrible backache was this 'poor circulation', so I decided to drink ‘Youmeishu’.

Youmeishu is herbal medicine.
I have known Yomeishu since I was a kid, but I have never expected that I would drink Yomeishu.

I asked a pharmacist about my symptom.
The pharmacist listened to me and recommended another medicine.
I thought that medicine was really good for me but it was too expensive.
If I take a box of that medicine and my symptom will get better, I will try that one.
But I knew I had to continue more than half of year, so I hesitated to buy it.

Yomeishu is not tasty. I have to drink it three times a day.
I wish my terrible poor circulation will get better.


The new fiscal year started.
Yesterday, our company had held a training session for new employees.
This training session was for high school graduated new employees.
They learned how to greeting, their attitude towards their job, and manners.

Today, they will take part in the company entrance ceremony with university graduated new employees.

I wish they continue to work in our company as long as possible.